Dam you Length of Service 17 years WTF.....

Discussion in 'REME' started by sleeper, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. Looks like any one over their 17 year point is going to pick up a lot of slack after they get rid of all the Sgt and S/Sgt good luck anyone that wants it or gets it.
  2. Were used to carrying them so a bit of weight off our shoulders now......being serious now I hope it doesn't have the same affect as Options to change did early 90's and it was volunteers rather than good lads being pushed.
  3. I hope that was tongue in cheek, there were a lot of good lads of all ranks went out in Options for various reasons (promotion path being one particularly for tiffies), and yes I do consider myself among that number. Several of us were even recruited back in on FTRS.

    Having now seen the DIN on ArmyNet there's an awful lot of REME VM's going, about 284 + 59 tiffies. The RLC seem to be hit very hard too but over more trades.
  4. You know it was Escotia
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  5. Escotia ?
    I know he was a wrestler, trained by black family.
  6. The options for change 1992-94 meant that a lot of people left some good some bad I suppose but it meant losing the central Core of the Corps, the people who actually did the work. It also coincided with the ushering in of the Bn system which meant beefing up the Officer Corps in what was probably an already leaning towards top heavy organisation. I didn't understand it at the time, I still don't understand it today. Was our productive output so terrible at the time and how did the Bn structure improve things. Love to know as I left gladly in tranche 3 (94).
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  7. Was only a young JNCO then but the biggest change from going from 12 Armd to 1 Bn (same unit) was the sudden posts opening for ASM and AQMS with all kinds of weird and wonderful names especially in Equal opportunities galore (Maybe Joe R****** had something to do with that). Start of the REME PDR, colouing red and green stripping trays and the dreaded TIMESHEETS. It was the start of paperwork for paperwork sake needing 15 minutes a day on your time sheet to complete the time sheet. Lots of valuable experience had been lost and with Bosnia in full swing it was the end of Sports afternoons for many............... A bit of tongue in cheek again Escotia.
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  8. Applied for Tranche 1 of Options for change in the 90's; in a way I was glad when I didn't get it. Was part of a good LAD attached to a good Regt at the time, Fallingrad was a good posting for my family for schooling, so much so that the former Headmaster of Shackleton School is attending my daughters wedding next week.

    I know others who were successful and haven't looked back. Horses for courses I suppose.

  9. I went in phase 3 as well, just as noises were being heard about "total quality management" and large tomes on the subject were
    starting to land on fitter section tiffie's desks.
    I learned a bit about having..effective training, written procedures, jobs being done by people trained to do them etc etc, after I left, and
    came to the conclusion that we had been sold a management pup and that the REME already had a quality system better than most
    and increasing the Officer component would only have one outcome.
    Most Management systems, particulary in the public sector, only produce a storm of "information pollution" for shiney arse's to
    misinterperet and it was shit seeing REME go the same way.
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  10. Not quite right mate. Due to the way that the redundancy time served is calculated those who have served 17 years 364 days or less as at 01 Apr 13 could potentially go out of the door on T3.

    Years served are rounded down to complete years. This means by the time a T3 non volunteer leaves they could have served for up to a day under 19 years
  11. Yes a mate of mine has fell foul of this, Its a bit of a mess I think as on the last tranches it was to the year they stated. I feel a little cheated as I could of done with going having a good few job offers. But being over my 18 year point and accepted Veng it would of been to the MODs benefit to get rid of me. Obviously the years served is to minimise the payout in pension. Oh well loads of work out there in the next few years.