Dam shin splints

bah! shin splints suck

i used to get em, but it was cuz i was a fat barsteward and wasnt used to such impact on ye auld shins. if you run lots make sure youve got some nice insoles on yer boots/ decent quality running trainers

and lots of perseverance

and calcium

and other muscle building natural food
I had Bad shin splints during basic training, Turned out one leg was slightly longer than the other. apparently quite common.
It was cured by good insoles (sorbothane) available from med centre if prescribed.
Don't worry too much, there's stuff you can do to help. The muscle down the front of your leg is your anterior tibialis and it takes a lot of impact during running. I would absolutely echo comments that suggest decent insoles and/or running trainers. Perhaps see an orthotics expert or got to onw of those running shops tat do gait analysis to see what you can do about the way you run that will help. Also, when its swelling, try and elevate it, and you can also self massage too. Make sure your legs is high and rub your leg from the ankle up towards the knee, you may find this helps. Wouldn't necessarily suggest that you use deep heat rubs on this as you want to reduce inflammation, so I would just use ordinary baby oil (or whatever other 'oils' you may have knocking about).
Are you sure its shin splints???

I got referred to physio from doctor with what was thought were shin splints.

After what felt like torture on the physio table and some excersices and my running profiled, it turneds out shin splints were not the problem.

As far as I understood it, there is a pocket in which the muscle is seated and due to upped phys I now do, the muscle is growing. However the pocket it sits in is restricting the growth. I have this in both shins in the same place (bottom towards the front). There is pain even when doing nothing. The physio says its some sort of syndrome and can be worked around. Waiting for next session for the excercises and such to start.
I have had chronic shin splints for several years, and only rest and attention from proper specialists alleviates it. You can work around it by using the appropriate footwear/orthotics, taking more ibuprofen than is wise and using tape to support arches, but fundamentally you're not solving the underlying problem.

Don't let it get to the point where surgery is the only way forward.

P.S., I've had the joy of the torture on the physio table. Those sessions of deep massage still make me break out in a cold sweat if I even think about the pain that caused. And I was paying for the privilege....
Really seems to be a genetic "weakness". I've never had these, yet I've upped run intensity and distance a lot more than is considered safe at various stages.

How the fu*k this helps you, provides any useful input to this thread, or generates any interest at all, I do not know.

Perhaps stay away from distance running and buy a fuc*ing car. Distance runners are the most enhanced form of stupid. Homo erectus wasn't supposed to tw*t around up a hill at 9mph for 12 miles. Here endeth the lesson.
OK am going to try and not turn all Herrenbloke on you but heres my twopenneth.

Shin splints is not too serious if treated properly early on. Don't let people tell you that you are lazy etc etc which makes you carry on cracking on with the running / tabbing. I got to a point where I was having to take lots of painkillers just to do my CFT.

I ended up getting an MD (at my own request) because the army couldn't recognise that I had chronic shin Splints coupled with compartment syndrome. I take the blame on myself for not being strong enough to stand up and say how much pain I was in, if I would have done my problems would have been sorted and I would have had a very promising career.

Shin splints are not always serious and can be cured with 6 weeks rest and some good physio, if you leave it too long and try and carry on with them you will end up with spackered legs. Trust me I have the scars and the ongoing pain to prove it.

Worst thing is the NHS have been better than the army hospitals, 7 yrs down the line and they have done more!

Sorry drunken rant over
Odd that nobody has yet mentioned stress fractures yet, while on this topic. Once you have them, often gained through trying to train through shin splints, you're pretty much fcuked. Stress fractures = "lasting physical damage" in the words of my doctor.
Ah-scaremongers that doctors can be sometimes. It occurred to me that thre may be a stress fracture, but that isn't my territory and perhaps OP should get an x-ray. You can, I believe, improve stress fractures with non/low impact exercice to the affected limb which helps to increase bone density and therefore aid healing. However, OP needs to identify exactly what the problem is and then get the suitable treatment, bearing in mind that these things aren't always straightforward. I believe that if he carries out the advice here he can at least make some headway into making life more comfortable.
could be abything mentioned above or a few other things - best advice is to get referral to decent Physio who can work out the problem and take steps to solve it.

PM me if you want any further advice.