Dalton barracks

Discussion in 'RLC' started by PassiveOlive, Jan 27, 2009.

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  1. Anyone know what day to day life and accomidation is like there?
  2. Hello P.O.

    Never heard of it babe.

  3. It's 3 lsr
  4. There are 3 Regiments there now:

    3 LSR
    4 LSR
    12 LSR

    Single Accomodation is mixed of NEW SLAM Blocks to VERY OLD GRADE S**T accomdation so good luck on that front!

    Married Accomodation is your standard Family quarters of 2,3 and 4 bedrooms right outside the camp to upto 15 miles away! so again good luck there!

    All 3 units are very busy with exercise upon exerise and the a tour or three and all in all not a to bad place with myself doing 2 tours there now. evryone has an opinion of the place good and bad, i say make your own mind up when u get there!
  5. Doesnt ring any bells.
  6. its offically the worst maintained barracks in the MOD, the camp is crap - the SLAM is only 3 blocks(of about 30 others) and the real shite accom is portacabins - but dont worry about that if your posting order doesn't say 6 sqn. The camp is full of gents of the foriegn persuassion but all seem to be suffering from cold injuries when it comes to duties and cant work in the summer because its unfair - their words, not mine - to put them on duty. The town is picturesque but full of chav kids who think abingdon is the new east end of london, moss side, the gorbals and any other shithole they can think of. the pubs are full of slightly older dole spounging chavs who think much the same bar they also think jail time is an occupational hazard - bar that it aint that bad - the ladies love us !!
  7. I think there are only 2 slam blocks (unless they built another one recently) and they were for the fulls screws/senior Lcpls only. Even they are falling apart in places. Some of the other buildings are two stories builds with no fire escape for the poor sods on the upper floor. Showers and bogs are frequently out of use resulting in the few remaining being over suscribed. Don't think its just the pondlife that get treated that way in the officers mess they have torches at various points in the corridor as there is no emergency lighting.
    If you want to fit in get a sick chit within five minutes of arriving preferably with the above mentioned CWI. If you don't go sick your life will revolve around guard duties and exercises because you will be one of the lonely few who can do them.
    If you work in the main hangars (and most people do) be prepared to freeze your balls off its not only the accomodation that is crap.
    Without doubt the worst barracks Ive ever had the mispleasure to work and live in (And it was up against some pretty stiff competition from St Omers).
  8. I have served there iwice. Its the worst barracks I have ever seen. Tour after tour. Avoid at all costs!!!!
  9. I was a pad whilst I was posted there and had the privilige to escape every day back to a local town to live rather than the current MQ 'patch' which resemble's something along the liines or a mix between North Gaza & East London.

    I agree the town is a complete sh1thole full of t0ssers and slappers (the later not being a bad thing!) but it's location is pretty central, so getting home for weekends shouldn't be a problem. The pubs are crap, except for the Grapes and there's one really sh1tty nightclub called Strattons, but fondly referred to as 'Stickies' Mmmm! nice!

    You have to travel to Oxford (circa. 5-10 miles) depending on what you want to get any decent boozers, cinema's, clubs, student totty.

    But I agree with most posts, avoid like the plague!!
  10. Tours were not a problem as we had better facilities in KAF than we did on the camp.
  12. The Family pads are full as well, so there is a 3/4 month waiting list for them.
  13. I was there too for the take over from the RAF. I thought it was fantastic!! First place i'd been to that had sihnle rooms!

    Any names you want to share/remember? I was 35 Sqn, then 21 :(
  14. Dalton Barracks was cracking in the late 90's early 00's sounds shite now though mind.

    Even then you had a guard on the carpark due to the high amount of thieving chavs on camp.

    Also who could forget the stingyest midget QM ever and his lanky streak of piss son (now APTC) :D
  15. 2005 and the SNCO single accommodation was appalling.