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In the sicky queue for treatment at the san room at school. The Headmaster's wife, who doubled as pill-pusher, announced the news in a shocked tone to a stunned line of boys and continued to hand out inappropriate treatments. The chap in front of me became one of our nation's leading intellectuals and voices on freedom of speech, although the circumstances aren't connected.
You went to school with Jeremy Clarkson? Impressive.


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In a pub ( The Robin Hood) in Colchester having several pints.
The version I've always believed is that the fatal wound came from a secret service agents rifle in the car just in front of Kennedys. As Oswald started firing, he leapt out of the car and accidentally discharged an ND that hit Kennedy in the head.
It's the only theory that makes any sense.
I couldn't agree more.
At the Children's hospital in Aberdeen having stomach pains checked out


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But of course. However as already stated, you get used to it, in my case a long time ago. Could be the death of me with this covid business. I can only smell pee & TCP now, nothing else. ;)
You've married a ginge.

This is going to be the new normal for you.
You went to school with Jeremy Clarkson? Impressive.
Tch. " of our nation's leading intellectuals and voices on freedom of speech..." and the first and best name you came up with was that (although I sympathise, to some extent). It's like asking the wife who is the most impressive fictional character she can think of, and getting 'Ena Sharples'. If she's still a thing.
As regards Dallas the soap , we had a drinking game going whereby you had to pick a card with a character's name on it before the start .
You then had to match your character drink for drink throughout the show .
If you drew Sue Ellen , you weren't going to work in the morning .
A modern equivalent might be Peaky Blinders.
They tan the bevvy that much I need an Irn Bru the next morning just watching it


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I was on my way home from Boys Brigade night when I heard two women at the bus stop talking about it.

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I was out tearing around the town and came in to see my granny glued to the TV news. When she announced that Kennedy had been shot, I thought, 'why do we care, there's no photos of Kennedy and the Pope on our walls'.

Joshua Slocum

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I was asleep
but my brother was awake and heard that Teddy Kennedy had been killed
he then crashed about checking all his teddy bears to see if one had been killed ????
Pish aff. Lee wasn't using that rifle. People like you gie us true porridgewogs a bad name, looking for compo efter all thae years.

I am partial to a bit of compo wis gan tae ging havers wi ye but yer nae getting yer hands on my meat and two veg

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