Dallas Shooting


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I don’t know if any of you remember Norman Smith MM BEM ex RMP? I have just received the sad news that his son, also called Norman was shot dead whilst performing his duty as a Dallas Policeman.

Sad News indeed.

Details here.
The aricle is not re Big Norm (29C in 1 Regt) but his son. Big Norm died of a heart attack some 9-10 years back whilst driving in Dallas area. He was a bail agent having been elected previously as Town Manager (sort of Mayor) locally. His new wife came to Chichester for the service of memorial - I have the video and US Army also sent a high ranking officer. He ended up in the Remembrance Plot alongside Harry Burden.
Little Norm - the guy whose death is reported in Dallas News was his son from marriage to Carolyn - had been in the force as detailed. I was with him in US some 7/8 years ago and he and his partner, also Dallas police, had a super home and life. I will be phoning Carolyn to offer condolences as soon as sun comes up in America
Got that a bit wrong - initial post does say it was his son. Sorry - news like that comes as a shock that interferes with reading and the eyes get a bit wet when old men remember ancient times.


Very sad. Looks like he was a very popular lad amongst his shift. Not much by the way of compensatory measures, but at least they'll fry the bloke who killed him.
Have spoken to Little Norm's mother in Dallas. She's bearing up well. His wife also. Looks as if his police 'family' covered everything and made a tremendous efforts at the funeral. The wives are all around Regina looking after her. Dallas restaurants are sending food in so they are spared cooking.

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