Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brummieboy1, Mar 18, 2012.

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  1. Plenty of UK untouchables in the country anyway,,and some of them I wouldn't touch with a barge pole......
  2. Ah yes, David Haslam; a good Indian name. I bet he has his own outrage bus.
  3. Last year, I read about a dallit couple who worked for a law firm in Coventry being discriminated against. Their photo showed two smartly dressed professional people and not a pair of low life scutters. You'd have thought their employers would have binned this outdated bollocks.
  4. I know this is the NAAFI but....

    Surprisingly, the indications are that caste (or Jat) discrimination is starting to be applied increasingly more in UK than in India (or incidentally, Nepal).

    It's not unknown in Aldershot which is in the UK domicile of choice of the Gurungs (Rais and Limbus tend to head for Ashford and Reading)

    This is an example from a recent study of Caste and Nepalis in UK;

    The Kamis are traditionally metal-workers and traditionally are the makers of Kukris(Khukris).
  5. Well to annoy the Spanish obviously.
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  6. Yes, they are called Scousers.
  7. Surely this is a cultural issue and therefore off limits?
  8. They're there for the climate, not the paella, though they're OK with pescaito frito.
  9. Some of them Untouchables I saw in Bombay and Madras where VERY touchable indeed, risky? yes, but very ,very touchable.
  10. I should add, I was very, very drunk
  11. And yet you'll get the usual spastics saying how great they (and Sikhs) are and how their culture is great.
  12. No swimmers are black not indian, you racist fucker.
  13. A thread about caste on a British Army forum Is this a wah?
    The Brits invented caste; they call it class. Have all the supercilious public school wuperts been exterminated?
  14. I thought money overcame class?