Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_guru, Mar 4, 2012.

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  1. Has called me to ask that I let you know that she's still alive.

    She said she's going to AvN and is going in the Sigs Corps Bar.

    Message ends


  2. I pity the poor Scaley bastards :)
  3. As I thought, she's sunk to the lowest depths then.

    Poor girl.
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  4. I couldn't give a fuck. Get the lazy bitch to post her own shit on arrse.

    Quick question.....how long was she on the phone for? I reckon in excess of 19 minutes before you made your excuses to hang up.
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  5. Last 15 of the Ireland v France game :)
  6. Her sense of timing is atrocious!!
  7. Just as long as she doesn't try to gate crash the Sapper bar.
    WE have security.
  8. £50 she's dead before the year ends.
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  9. Is she still classed as "piss-head", or has she been promoted to "full blown alcoholic" as yet?
  10. The Sigs bit is made up. She's going in the Sapper Bar.

  11. Are contracts that cheap down you way then?
  12. There's a line of people that'll do it for free. Probably everyone on her mobile phone contacts list, after thousands of calls at 0245hrs.

    I've had to download an app to bar her from calling me between certain hours. No duff. She's a cretin.
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  13. Thankfully, she'll never find me and my phone will be off until after the match when I'll be suitably refreshed to deal with her.
  14. Man, would she be in for a "ruck and mauling".
  15. Nobody taking me up on my bet?