Dale - The Ultimate Troll

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by The_Flash_Fanclub, Aug 11, 2005.

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  1. We all know Dale likes jumping on the bandwagon whenever a troll hunt is on, but its time the boot was on the other foot for a change.

    Just today while I've been sitting in the hangar, sipping my vodka martinis in reflective mood I have noticed our own pet troll hijacking every thread to her own ends.

    Lets look at the evidence:

    1. 'The Invincible' thread - a good laugh which had run its course. Who pops up? Dale of course, to add her crappy tenpence.

    2. 'RTFQ is Angry' thread - RTFQ is well jacked off here, and a bit of fun is shared between sad fcukers who work in MoD. What's missing? Dale of course, adding shit posts. Again.

    3. The 'Italian Charms' thread - some freak likes womens jewleery and wants ot hock it on ARRSE. No probs, but whats this? Dale again to add more crap.

    4. The 'Geeky Board' threads - even the sad freaks in Arrseland get a bit of Dale!

    5. The 'Fat Fcuks' thread - even a thread about fat people doesnt escape Dale - shes got no fat except that she swallows ffs.

    6. The 'Fcuk off Trolls' thread - and a thread about trolls get lots of visits as well - is that irony?

    Is it just me ffs?

  2. I bet you touch yourself over my photo.
  3. Ahem...we're not sad freaks - we are practicing the noble art of global realpolitik using an online simalcrum, which closely approximates real world combat dynamics.

    Back in your box.

    Yeah ok...we're a bit sad

    But the rest is true.
  4. Dale, call me Mr Thicky but how does that link fight your corner? :D

    Anyone unmasked The_Flash_fanclub yet?
  5. Not yet. Beebs says to ignore it, its probably BB. She has a strange fixation with flash.
  6. Not Beebs I hasten to add.
  7. Cant be true I'm afraid you cant count dale as a troll

    I mean by definition a troll intentionally says things to get responses and destroys threads. Dale has no clue what she's doing most of the time and half the time doesnt even remember logging in at all.
  8. I thought you were accusing INVICTUS of stalking you this morning! Do you mean you have more than one stalker? 8O :lol:
  9. Who is this Flash stalking Troll? Can a 'club' really have a single member?

    Go away, Dale is a fixture here
  10. Now as heckler put downs go - looks to me like our Dale has delivered the goods with the above.

    Some more for our evening entertainment:

    Heckler Put Downs
  11. Dale sweetie - you can pretend that you're finding all this really funny, but inside I know you're fit to bust. You hate not being loved by everyone, don't you? I bet you're squirming with rage right now, wondering what feeble crap to post next - what complete bollox to post that makes you look so-so-so funny.

    But you're not. You're a dull, sad little troll that has to shag men she barely knows to feel valued.

    What goes around comes around.

    And RCS sweetie - I am part of the fixtures here, not Dale and certainly not you, you pimp.
  12. I knew you are delusional, 'fanclub' :lol:
  13. Dale you're a honey!



    Roxy! 8)
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Not open for further replies.