Dale Farm Lovelies.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chocolate_frog, Sep 19, 2011.

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  1. Some Romany beauties.

    Either of these. Marks out of ten for the pink and black ensemble?

    Any of these. Marks out of ten for the pink and black ensemble?

    And selected members of this group.
  2. they are fake, or photoshop.
    Not one of them is selling pegs!
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  3. Ironic that they don't want ethnic cleansing, given what I've seen of most traveller sites cleansing is not a word very much in use.
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  4. The one in the pink and black was talking on sky news this morning, different outfit (red and white hooped crop jumper thingy), it's the first time I've taken any notice of them.

    Every time I hear one of them harridans accents I change channel or mute the tv, think I'll watch more of this now.

    Rubs palms up and down on trousers...
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  5. Ethnic cleansing?

    I think I've found some recruits for the Joy Division...
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  6. What does her mother look like though?

    Bet she's no MILF.........
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  7. Nah, they have probably already been 'grabbed'.
  8. Before;




    Having produced more ginger tossers;

  9. Copper in the first picture on the right having a quick tug?
  10. i'd fuck all of them.....with a claw hammer, screeching backward fuckwits
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  11. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    I defiantly approve of the one in the pink and black. She's following the right ideas (allegedly)...


  12. You just know she's got a clunge like a badly-packed kebab.
  13. Happily most of them are dead in their late 40's. DIY medical care rocks.
  14. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    She was pretty fucking wild last Friday night.

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