Dale farm - justice at last

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Regalia, Oct 19, 2011.

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  1. If Mr Bloggs of Basildon wants to build a retirement chalet on greenbelt land which he owns, he must get appropriate planning permission from his local authority. There is no separate set of rules for Mr Smyth, Traveller, currently occupying Dale Farm.
    That Mr Smyth and family have no adequate site available in England is a separate argument and should be addressed by the appropriate body. I am not good at sympathy; Italian immigrants in the 50's and 60's built faith schools by self-subscription, same with Mosques and Madrassas in this country. If these groups can be motivated to self-support, perhaps our Traveller friends could do likewise.
    Unfortunately, the habit of simply pitching up whenever and where ever one chooses, without so much as a by-your-leave to the neighbours, does not foster good community relations. It is interesting to note that those protesters supporting the Dale Farm residents are from across the country, the local populace being conspicuous only by their absence. Whether that is due to apathy, fear of reprisal or the fact that the locals have jobs to go to is open to debate.
    The residents of Dale Farm knew they were sailing close to the wind and chose to ignore the planning regulations (the retrospective application procedure was designed to apply only to garden sheds of certain specifications). They are not above the law. If they, or their supporters, choose to resist due process they should face the same sanction as any other citizen. Their appropriation of victimhood fools no-one; they are the authors of their own misfortune and the "poor me" routine is insipid.
    Next will be the allegations of inappropriate force. Napalm and flame-throwers would be disproportionate, shield and baton are de rigeur. If you confront these chaps and gels in riot gear, you will be struck; targets will fall when hit.
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  2. Search function broke???
  3. Na, simply too lazy. Thanks, though.
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  4. I did a quick search on Facebook and found a few sites supporting the pikeys, but the one I preferred was a site suporting Basildon Council evicting them. Today's news coverage has brought loads of new comments, as you could imagine. But the facebook page supporting the eviction wins the comments stakes by far. Seems there is a cyber majority that are glad to see the evictions happen. Hardly surprising that!
  5. Debatable.
  6. more as a comment on the fact that one "residence" was torched by the alleged victims.
  7. As Bolton on sky pointed out many of these 'activists' come from wealthy privileged backgrounds and go from cause to cause

    They will do this till there early 30's till they find some think tank or pressure group paid for by daddy to keep them occupied.

    It seems the idle rich and the idle poor have a lot in common
  8. Or until they get elected MP's
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  9. So did any of the soap dodging activists who rather loudly and histrionically claimed on SKY/BBC etc they would die 'defending' Dale Farm die today?
  10. So very sadly true.
  11. unfortunately the Sheridan clan is neither poor or idle allegedly of course although obviously not tax paying or law abiding.
  12. Personally I'd have liked to see a couple a challengers drive through the camp. If these activists and travellers refused to get out of the way, they would be crushed, and the fire brigade could then be called upon to sluice what was left away.

    Harsh but fair I believe.

    On a side note, I wonder if any of these 'activists' and travellers are claiming benefits? If they are, then surely the DSS have sufficient evidence that they aren't actively looking for work and stop any and all payments. That should help the budget deficit a little. I mean, why should the tax payer cough up to allow a bunch of work shy cnuts to continue to break the law?
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  13. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    I cant read the title Dale farm without images of an anorexic scouser off her head on pink wine trying to ride her pony :)
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  14. Should have left them alone. I mean, what did bringing the bulldozers in solve? Jack shit. In fact, its made the situation worse.

    Better to have them on their own land than your local common.