Dale Farm 'Agricultural Workers' back on farm again!!

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The DM reports that the 'travelling agricultural workers' have come back to Farm to pick up their lives after the nasty Bailiffs turned them over and out.

More problems for the 'poor, hard working, law abiding citizenry'....... !!


If the locals let them back on they deserve each other.
Apparently they are queueing up to get back in. haven't bothered to go down and take a look but apparenty :

A traveller called Billy said: ‘We are going back on there and it is going to be just like it was before. The eviction was one big waste of money.

‘We are tough people and we are hardy people, so we will be back on that land and starting all over again'.

You just gotta love the chirpy resilience of these noble nomadic folk!
All those stationary vehicles parked there. Could they not turn it into a modern day Road to Basra, after a few bombing runs from the RAF. It'll help them keep their hand in for FGA missions in Syria/Iran or wherever next!
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