Dale Creggan changes plea

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Feb 12, 2013.

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  1. But when he gets to Nick, how will he be received by the other cons?

    Hard man who topped two "pigs" or tosser who murdered two Police Women?

    40 years of the latter would make for a very interesting time in the showers, especially with his left side visibility impediment. I would imagine quite a few soap loaded socks to the twats head. I hope so anyway.
  2. Easy words. Would you want to take this bloke on? I'm not a hard person - and I'd run the other way if he looked at me menacingly I know that's not the internet hardman response, but he doesn't exactly look like a soft victim sort of lad.
  3. I agree however if he becomes a "hard man" in nick with a following of ******* , yes he will manage well.

    If not, even I would have a go with a snooker ball in a sock , from his blind side.
  4. He looks like an utter mong who is only a "hardman" when he has a firearm in his hand.
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  5. He's a simple cretinous halfwit - a year from now his anus will look like a burst orange..hopefully
  6. Only possible use a organ donar frankly
  7. Don't confuse 'hardman' with psychopathic murdering bastard. They are not the same.

    His succes or otherwise in prison will depend if the current 'Daddy' and his acolytes are even bigger, psychopathic murdering bastards than this fuckwit is.
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  8. Whether or not he ends up the block baron or bitch depends on what sort of pull he still has on the outside.

    Colin Gunn was a big boy around here some years back up until the high profile murder of a jeweller, the suspected murder of her killer and the executions of the parents of someone that pissed him off. He was a no-one outside of his North Nottingham lair though as the St Anns and Meadows lads would go straight to noisy the second his Lacoste tracksuit wearing face appeared. He couldn't even go out in town because some random would come up and chin him then scarper. If he knew who you were however you'd get yourself shot dead.

    Gunn is now the big boy in his nick because he can get at folks families outside. Without that the brothers and council estate nutters would pull his ******* pants down.
  9. I have a feeling that the prisoners won't be his only problem. I'm sure plenty of prison officers cant wait to wind him up and then use "reasonable force" to give him a shoeing.

    In reality, he will be stuck in some sort of protective custody to keep him away from other prisoners. As others have said, people will either want to batter him (to demonstrate how hard they are), or will want to work with him to cause untold problems and as much damage as possible to other prisoners and staff. He's a management nightmare.

    he's also a walking advert as to why we should have some sort of capital punishment in this country. We will never be able to release him, and he will always be a threat.
  10. Funny really, in some substrata of society someone who murders police may be a bit of a hero but he basically killed two women who were police. He didn't need to and he did so from a position of complete safety, he was never at risk himself. There are some that might just think what's so hard about target shooting and what was the point? There might be others who rather resent the fallout from the event. I'm sure it prompted the GMP to try even harder to crack down on gun crime.

    He also wasted two low life and there could be repercussions from that. Rival gangs or friends of the dead. Who knows, he certainly wont so I hope he spends a great deal of his time looking over his right shoulder. No doubt he'll end up at Belmarsh or Full Sutton where he'll be a constant threat to the prison staff because when you're locked up for the rest of your life there's no more time to be served.

    No copper ever deserved being executed because they do a job that helps more people than it hurts and those it hurts you wouldn't want to help anyway.
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  11. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    From reading the press reports about feuds and previous killings, I can't help thinking that he killed the two WPCs because he was more scared of staying out than going inside.

    But do the maths, 'inside' is the lesser of two evils. It doesn't necessarily mean safe. If those he was a'feared of outside have reach inside, he'll still be done.

    He didn't kill those two women out of hatred or somesuch, but out of fear and a in calculated manner designed to save his own hide.

    If that strategy were to fail and a shank in the one remaining good eye were the least that happened to him, I'd smile at the news.
  12. Wish to expand on that... I didn't know anyone was after him. I just thought he was a nutter out to kill coppers? He was already wanted for murder wasn't he? So surely if he had handed himself in, he would have has the "protection" of prison anyway...
  13. Seem odd he admits to killing the coppers but not to the two scrotes, i can't imagine the guilty plea leading to any leniency being given in relation to where he ends up.
  14. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Hm. Shot the WPCs and then went to a police station and handed himself in? Best way of making sure you never get out, surely? He's no Harry Roberts.