Dale Cregan

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ATrotter96, Feb 8, 2013.

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  1. Please tell me we don't have more of these idiots roaming the Streets?

    What kind of sentence will he get?

    Also where on earth did he manage to get hokd of a grenade?
  2. Moderators, please take pity on us, please?
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  3. Yours is a just cause.
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  4. The Grenade Emporium, or otherwise known as dodgy squaddies on leave.
  5. Grenades R Us on Clapham High St?
  6. Grenada?
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  7. Or did she go of her own accord?
  8. Poundland?
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  9. When I was 14 years old I had a grenade. I got it in the school playground. The boy who "owned" the yellow pineapple really wanted my 9 inch antler handled sheath knife. We swopped. I soon learned how to dismantle the old thing and put it back together again, without once killing myself.
  10. As a child, a mate of mine would regularly trawl Otterburn ranges and pick up "interesting" things which he'd offload onto me. I once went the whole day carrying an 81mm Illum in my Adidas sports bag. That night, repeated attempts at dropping it off a local bridge onto a road failed to initiate it so the next day I swapped it for 10 Regal stumpies.
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  11. yes of course you did....
  12. I did and another poster on here was with me. Put the gluebag down you bitter no-mark.
  13. Do you follow Bile waiting for a post just so you can enter a 'witty' comment - active social life obviously.
  14. Phew - bet you were hoping to illuminate the whole area...
    "I'm not bitter...i'm your brotherarrggghhhhhh"