Dainish Cartoons - the inevitable!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by boney_m, Feb 3, 2006.

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  1. G'Day Muslims :D

  2. Is it fatwa or Fat Wah.....
  3. What? You're not allowed to post cartoons of Kangaroos with beards now? I'm going to have to amend my 'PC Guide'!
  4. Here this will cheer them up! Say its a gift from Whatever they call him?!?

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  5. This is now seriously getting on my t*ts. Fcuk them. Who do they think they are? Trying to impress middle ages sensibilities onto our culture. When we deploy to the Middle East on Ops or exercise, we bend over backwards to not offend their culture and now we have the Government praying that none of the papers have the balls to publish the pictures. I bet there has been a D Notice issued !
  6. Ah the D notice !!! bLIARS favorite weapon to control the masses !!!!

  7. Has anyone got the link to the cartoons online, if so you can you link to them here (only link - to not p*ss the mods off) or PM the link to me.

    Thanks alot
  8. Have a dig through the thread in Current Affairs matey, then sit in amazement at a fuss over nothing
  9. I thought that they had binned them.

    Well, I wonder where this is going...

    Someone publishes a few cartoon's and the SHTF.

    If the muslim's feel so strongly about their culture & custom's, then they are welcome to do it in their own country.

    I think that when it is a crime to eat a ham sandwitch in public then I'll start burning a few flag's in public place's.

    HMG., should start taking step's to protect it's people. Sooner rather than later, or is it already too late.

  10. I thought so as well toemag. I suspect they,ve been given a new name now though !!! There was an incident here with a gang of "local" muslim asylum seekers & my friends brother. What happened would of made the National press but it did,nt even make the local freesheets !! When my friend contacted both the nationals & local rags both sent a reporter but the story was never published. Upon questioning the newspapers they said they were unable to publish any details of the attack. No thuther reason was given. 18 months later this lad has just been realesed from hospital & now has several years of out patients rehab to look forward to. Sorry to go all "herrenbloke" on you all but all the events in the past few days has more than rattled me a bit !!!! I am becoming more & more disenfranchised with this country we now live in.

  11. Another offensive cartoon:

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  12. Jihad on you arrse infidels. Durka Durka