Daily Wail storms US for popularity

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by gladwda, Jan 27, 2012.

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  1. From a country that gave the world 'Fox News' it shouldn't come as a surprise......
  2. i did think it poor form that the outrage bus didnt get any credit
  3. So what they're saying is, that the Mail attracts American readers because they don't use many words! Like the drool repellant keyboard I think this may be big!
  4. The Mail tells comforting lies rather than facing the truth. It's how Americans prefer their news.

    And their politicians for that matter.
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  5. Sixty

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    This just when you thought your misanthropy could get no worse. The Daily Heil: the Sun for junior managers, upwardly mobile bum lickers, the bigoted and pensioners.
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  6. That's a little broad brush isn't it? After all you lot elected Blair THREE times.
    Kettle, pot, etc!
  7. You elected Bush twice! You even let him cheat! You maunder about your precious freedom then hand it over to lawyers. The DM being popular over there says more about us then them. Oh, and they've started doing that cunty Yank think of saying "Tuesday" instead of "on Tuesday". "Barack Obama said Tuesday he would..".
  8. Take a look at the average story. There are a lot of very big pictures.
  9. I must admit I have noted to the Wife that there seemed to be alot of comments coming from Americans under the articles over the past few months...

    And I have to admit that I find the DM better to read (on the website) than the Telegraph. As mentioned in the article above, perhaps this is because the DM has taken it's online version as a seperate version to the print. Where as other papers tend to use the internet version as a copy of their paper version.

    I used to like the Times before the paywall went up...
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