Daily Torygraph 11/06/05- ARRSE gets mention

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fordingly, Jun 11, 2005.

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  1. There's an interview with Gen. Sir Mike Jackson page 21 of the torygraph today, with arrse getting a sizeable mentioned with i quote;

    "If you consult ARRSE (url) - 'The Army s unofficial centre of reasoned argument intelligent debate and bullshit', you will find that Jackson is
    'legendary for his drinking abilities, death stare, and a face that suffered the hardest paper round in NATO' "
  2. Oh dear get ready for the tirade of hacks-a-visiting... be on your guard people. :)
  3. Here come the "Google Warriors"..... :roll:
  4. I'm off to Sennelager for the next week until the heat dies down. Always a good place to take cover.
  5. I also see from, I think it was yesterday's Torygraph(?) that the fully judtified epithet awarded the erstwhile Seretary of State by an ARRSE member is now "in common use by senior officers at the MoD" (approx quote).
  6. also in The Mirror (aka piece of crud) -
  7. I can't believe you didn't get the 3 week trip to Malawi which I had to turn down...
  8. I did hear some story about POD giving a briefing. Some blokes mobile ringtone goes off (schoolboy error really). Jacko slowly looks up and growls "you must be very important".

    Ouch :oops:
  9. The author of the piece on CGS berates himself for failing to ask where Jackson fired shots in anger.

    Anyone know the answer?
  10. Never saw active service? (well, not as we know - didn't he do a stint with 22?)
  11. CGS has served in four operational theatres at least to my knowledge. Probably more.
  12. Ahem.
    According to heyman: And it does have these details:
    Born 1944.

    1963 He commissioned into Intel,
    1967got an inservice degree in russian studies,

    spent two years in the Para's, transferred in 1970.
    (He was Adj of a Para battalion in Northern Ireland on Bloody Sunday. different soure)

    1978-1980 Commanded a Para Company in Northern Ireland
    6 months at NDC Latimore, joined DS at staff college.
    Spent the falklands at the ministry of defence,
    1984-1986, Commanded 1 PARA
    2 years senior DS at Greenwich,
    1988 6 months in Cambridge writing on the future of the British Army: Now that would be a paper to rediscover!
    1989: Commanded 39 Infantry Brigade in (Guess where? NORTHERN IRELAND! God he must love the place)
    1992-1993 Director General Personell Services
    March 1994-July 1996 Commanded 3 (UK) Div
    1995 Commanded UNPROFOR in Bosnia
    1997 Commanded ACE Rapid Reaction Corps ,
    1999 Deployed With AARC HQ to Kosovo

    Assumed appointment of Commander in Chief Land Command 2000 and Chief of General staff 2003

    If I spent that long in Nor'n Iro'n, I'd be speaking with a dour accent and painting a bloody Mural on every gabel in sight.