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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JJ4456, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. I know this topic has been covered numerous times before but when I read this letter in the Daily Telegraph today I nearly fell off my chair. In fact it is so ludicrous that I felt I had to share it with all you non Torygraph readers. A Laveen Ladharam from Coventry sent in a letter to the editor in response to articles and letters discussing the role of the RAF as a "single weapon service"and potentially giving control of the Harriers to the Navy.

    This is a direct quote from the first paragraph of the letter

    " SIR - The RAF is not a single-weapon service as Mr Coleman states. The RAF Regiment is one of the best trained in the Armed Forces, alongside the Parachute Regiment and the Royal Marines." :?

    ARRSE if you ask me
  2. not this old chesnut again ...
  3. The RAF Regiment has its function
    It carries out that function perfectly well, must the whole sorry argument be gone through again?
  4. Here we go again, ho hum.
  5. "The RAF is not a single weapon service, in fact their three main weapons are surprise, an unswerving dedication to the Pope, ruthless adherence to doctrine and the RAF Regiment...four main weapons..."
  6. ....no one expects the "bomber harris" inquisition....
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Truth is, this sort of thing would not arise if the RAF Regiment did not bring it down upon themselves. They are indeed perfectly competent at guarding airfields, ensuring that the vital flights get in and out of there safely, but that's it.

    Commando/Para Reg/SF they are not, and the sooner they accept this, the sooner that this sort of crap will stop appearing in the 'papers - and on ARRSE.
  8. Do you know this gets dug up so many times it's never going to have the chance to rot in it's own grave is it?

    How many threads bashing the Apes?

    I mean if they weren't stagging on and doing the job they do, who would?

    YEAH, RIGHT...........
  9. Why so upset? This is the Army RumouR SErvice after all.

    I'm sure the Army gets just as much flak from E-goat and Rum Ration.

    I always find it strange that blue jobs come on arrse and whine because we are giving blue jobs some stick.
  10. Night watchmen with guns. Nothing more, nothing less. Doesn't mean they're not a useful resource -- where would the forces be without cooks, clerks and storemen? -- but it's long past time for them to stop getting ideas above their station.
  11. Maybe there should be an "Abuse the RAF Regiment" Forum ?

  12. Yawn fcuking yawn get a life, and chuck this in the hole
  13. Or bore off to "E-GOAT" or "ROCKNET !"
  14. Seconded. It's embarrasing the Rockapes believing they can serve alongside the Paras and Royals in the SFSG. They even have the cheek to get killed on Ops! Everyone knows only the Army and Marines ever take risks!

    You're quiet right, mate: the Rocks are just a whole regiment of Walts... :roll:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.