Daily Telegraph on 16 Feb 07 - the RM in Afghanistan


Is Chris Terill ex-mil. Some of the expresssions and language are too pat for a normal journo.

All in all a really good article - compare to the female RAF pilot earlier in the week for contrast!
Looks like 'Vinders' was the casualty that provoked the Apache-laden rescue/recovery mission
I dont want to start slagging the blokes off who are over there in def difficult conditions but.......

"Ok Lads! Go for it! Down to the ridge!" shouts Lt Kerr. I get to my feet and join the desperate sprint for safety and for the first time, with my back to the bullets, feel really vulnerable. "

Let me get this straight..
COY advance to contact and
as soon as they came under contact....they ran away immediately????


"Eight enemy are dead and the rest flee. We immediately advance and consolidate the position."

A company of baked beans vs a section of terry and they needed air support????



Of course another point of view would be that the Pl Comd took the decision to move to somewhere where he would be better situated to launch the attack, rather than just charge into the face of the enemy position from where he happened to be.

For your second point, if airpower was the best way to remove the enemy from their prepared positions, then why risk further injury or death to the RM involved when their aim could be achieved using stand off methods.

Don't worry about it, just let others get on with doing the tactical thinking and you just keep covering the arcs you are told to cover.

I thought that might wind a few of you up.

jeez just having a laugh

have a couple good friends out there from 45. have muchos respect for the RM lads (hey at least they arent RAF Regiment) and of course RIP to all those fallen

it was just a wind up to get some banter. thought there might be something a bit more severe from some booties reading this thread......wait out....

On the tactics side of things
Of course the boss extracted his plt out of an exposed killing area while another sub unit gave fire support - Fire and Movement, plus the article says that the other plt opened up pretty much asap (obv in mutual support with alternative but supporting arcs) would not expect anything less from our blokes

And sure as sh*t if i could have had AH on call 24/7 I would.

I just couldn't resist having a crack at the blokes

Like stated above

RIP Vinders and keep safe to the rest of the lads.

Now....back to my arcs!



Nice bluff attempt at a recovery, if only you knew what you were on about. Alternative arcs?



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You were about to get a full on bollocking from above before I read your retraction.
I always avoid commenting on tactics cos I aint there! I dont know what is going on and I strongly suspect neither did the Journalist! Having been under fairly hairy sustained fire many years ago I know that any sense of perspective about a battle goes to ratshit about 2 hours before the shooting starts, and a journo busy keking his pants would obviously focus on himself and his task. Therefore the report would be very much a personal perspective. Having said that, This sort of reporting is what we need from journalists. less "bush blair blah" and more about what its LIKE to know some bastard wants to make high velocity holes in you. It will get the forces more appreciated for what they do and maybe get them better treated in the long run.
So far everyone in Stan has done a good job
Paras for the hanging on in the face of heavy pressure
Marines for following this up
RAF regiment for giving us armchair ARRSEers something to laugh/ rant/ argue about
old booty,

Couldn't agree more mate.

Like you say doesnt matter where you have been, it aint the same twice.
could of been at Goose Green doesnt mean you know what Mount Harriet was like and vice versa.

It was the the words 'desperate sprint for safety' that made me laugh and thought I would try and get a snap or two for a giggle. im sure a couple of people won't bother to keep on reading and just start ranting.

I just wanted to avoid the usual way these newspaper article related threads go.....good show all round....journos kno f*ck all.....bliar/ bush are sh*t...we dont have any kit.....blah blah blah.


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I've got a very good friend out there at the moment and it's good to see an honest jorno telling the public how it is without pushing a hidden agenda.

Well done to Lt Kerr fresh out of CTCRM that's a testament to their training.

RIP Vinders


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The article's a good read even for a civilian. I'll push it around.

Marine Thomas Curry will be sorely missed, even by those who only know him by reading of his death.
oldbooty said:
So far everyone in Stan has done a good job
Paras for the hanging on in the face of heavy pressure
Marines for following this up
RAF regiment for giving us armchair ARRSEers something to laugh/ rant/ argue about
Best not forget the Fusiliers based in Cyprus as the Theatre reserve, who have been - and still are - sending Companies out to do the business in AFG (and Iraq!) together with the Paras and the RM etc, but getting next to f*ck all press coverage or recognition in the UK for their efforts.

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