Daily Telegraph - Crap now, or what?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by OldSnowy, Mar 2, 2011.

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  1. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Is it old age creeping up on me, or is the Daily Telegraph degenerating into a slightly posher cross between the Mail and the Sun? I've got used to its attempts to put pictures of totty on every page if there is the slightest excuse. I've even got used to its rubbishy columnists (some of the women's ones are particularly dire), the creeping influence of its weird proprietors, and their effect on its recent revelations (the Vince Cable interview 'censorship' being a prime example).

    It's one of those creeping, progressive wasting diseases, that you hardly notice until something throws it into relief and you see things from a different angle. For me that moment came today, with its nonsensical headline stating that "Almost the entire contingent of Britain’s 10,000 troops in Afghanistan have been told they could be sacked within months after ministers disclosed plans to get rid of one in 10 members of the Armed Forces."

    Yes, indeed there are plans to reduce Army numbers by 5,000. But to suggest that these will be specifically those currently on HERRICK is sensationalist nonsense of the worst order. And to cap it all - the photo at the top is not even of Brits, but USMC.
    British troops on front line in Afghanistan told they face the sack - Telegraph#

    The Daily Telegraph - going to the dogs, or what? Discuss......

    (Deliberately put in the NAAFI Bar to encourage robust debate)
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    It has been crap for about 1.5-2 years now.
    As you say, many things are being given a slightly exaggerated and hysterical Mail like touch.

    I like papers to bring facts and in depth analysis, even informed opinion, but not propaganda.
  3. Yes,I also agree,the Sunday one used to be very good but now it s full of nothing if you know what I mean.What paper to try next?
  4. Perhaps they were over reliant on their 'friends' within MB. And so lost the ability to conduct Defence reporting on their own.
  5. I saw that one about reducing numbers, was fairly sure the "British soldiers" looked a bit odd!

    I certainly agree about dire columnists, especially some of the female ones. Vacuous wastes of oxygen.
    Perfect example Bryony Gordon - Telegraph
  6. I agree completely - its gone very Daily Heil. I originally switched to Her Majesty's Daily Telegraph about two years ago, for a change, after being a long time Times reader. I finally had enough of it about 6 months back and have now stopped buying papers completely.
  7. But you do get MATT!!
  8. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Byrony Gordon: Polly Filler brought to life. The only reason I buy the Telegraph is for the crosswords. I don't buy it often because I don't often have the time.

    I like the concept of the 'I' but as I've never been impressed with the Independent I'm not sure a stripped down version would help.
  9. Yes it is going downhill,
    Poor spelling, careless proof reading, and sometimes shallow and poorly researched articles
  10. I get the Economist and FT piped onto my iPad and occasionally get the Guardian. I'd say the TG hasn't been readable for a few years, terse and shallow.
  11. I still read it after 40 years, but it is getting crappy, sports coverage is about the best thing followed by the crossword and Matt.
  12. One thing I've noticed is the creeping inability to punctuate, and the increasing use of Americanisms.

    'He's meeting with the head in the schoolyard to protest the cuts; he's been teaching for twenty-years.'
  13. Quite agree. I'm not re-newing my subscription which runs out next month. The Evening Standard has come on in leaps and bounds - plus it's free at the tube station.
  14. There was a concerted effort to turn it into a fatter version of the DHate a while ago when most of the original staffers were binned and replaced with those poached from the Heil.

    I gave it up a while ago and after floundering around settled on the Guardian which, it turned out, is a damned fine newspaper.

    There is a really good, almost ethical, seperation of news and comment and has lots of things like the corrections column, a readers editor and a 'right to reply' bit which provide an excellent balance.

    The crosswords are a bit harder than the DTel, but are very clever once you get used to them, and the sport is very good, particularly NH racing for some reason.

    The opinions can be a bit left, but it does you good to read stuff that you disagree with. Even Toynbee's stuff is well written and actually makes you think about why she is wrong.

    I buy the Sat Tel each week for my mother and every time I read it it confirms my choice.

    PS It's very pro servicemen/women and the parliamentary sketch writer - whose name escapes me - is very funny.
  15. Yep I have also noticed the sad decline of the DT.Having said that,I have not bought a printed copy for 6 years.Maybe the cost of running the online version has lead to the decline in standards?