Daily/Sunday Mail outrage

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Nov 13, 2011.

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  1. Like I suspect many of you,I was totally taken in by their television advertisement informing me that there was a crisp bank of England note within their weekendn rags.Imagine my delight on opening my Guaranteed prize Winning envelope to be met with a fucking Prize card which informs me that if I buy their rag again this week i will be guaranteed a prize.I was so outraged I bought another of their rags today,and got fucked off by tham again,still no cash.
    Who do I complain to?
  2. I am authorised by The Daily Mail to act on their behalf on all matters pertaining to this promotion. In order for you to receive your cash prize all you need to do is furnish me with the following:

    Full name and address
    Bank account details
    Employment status
    PIN codes for all your bank accounts
    And details of the account you wish the payment credited to (if different from above)
  3. Ha Sucker - you fell for it twice ! Remember the age old adage if something is probably to good to be true then it probably is !

    I will add your name to the Hall of Fame for Mugs.

    On a positive note at least you can have a second crack at the crossword !
  4. Believe me when I tell you,,The inserts that go into newspapers are placed there by either the newsagent or the paper kids,if there are any 'winning' envelopes or vouchers then the sods pinch em....

    ex Newsagent..........
  5. Yup, that about sums it up.
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  6. So they put the cards into the plastic bag and then seal up the bags as well.vvery clever.
  7. According to the Daily Fail there circulation figuers are 2,008,817 I cant do maths but if they £5 in every one they would be skint.

    By the way I used to do twp paper rounds one in the morning before school and the afterwards if there was anything worth having in the papers it would have been away like a shot.
  8. Fool you once, shame on them
    Fool you twice, shame on you.
  9. No they use those bright lights that they check for forgeries etc,,they can see through them......
  10. You actually believed them? Come on, they claim that what they print is 'news'.
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  11. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Free Beer in Cardiff City Hall for veterans , 12.00 today, better late than never
  12. I used to to do the same when I was a paper boy. I always wondered if the bloke at number 25 notice that his copy of Razzle was well thumbed and a week late.
  13. Also free flights to the U.S with every new Hoover:)
  14. We got free beer in Cardiff city hall once, three companies of no2 clad squaddies. By Eck did they regret it.
  15. Were the pages stuck together too?