Daily Sport is looking for Army Bloggers!

dailysport said:

We're the team behind the launch of the Daily Sport's new website - and we're looking for guys from all ranks to Blog about life in the Army.

Our new website will be written by the public rather than journalists and we're hoping to find some Army lads who want to talk about what life is really like inside. This can be done using your real name or anonymously if you'd prefer.

If you want to know more, PM us and we'll give you our email address.

Kind regards,

Digital Director, Daily Sport

PS> Our girls our coming to Catterick in September to celebrate the launch - so watch out for us there!
Can't they come to Aldershot or the Traf to be more precise and preferably naked from the shoes up? There'll be lots of bods in there to tell you about life in the Army. Not all of them still serving though but what's a good yarn between friends eh!!
Bad CO said:
Just a reminder to all serving personnel that DIN 2007DIN03-006 remains in force.
The Daily Sport are'nt concerned with trivial matters such as rules & regulations.So what if a few Squaddies get Courts Martialed for breaking them,think of the story!!
Besides,if they had any proper journo's then they would'nt be touting for business here!
Lower than whalesh1t at the bottom of the ocean!
Them & The Mirror & tht other rag,The Scum!


Are you bring your usual selection of ladies, or have you actually found a few decent ones with a bit of mileage in them?
The Daily fcuking Sport? That's a complete piece of crap that never stated a truth in its entire history. Most of the paper consists of adverts for the sex industry. Even white van drivers and gypsies feel degraded when they read that piece of filth.

We are identified by the company we keep and it's only rational that if we squaddies submit blogs, get photographed with your drug-addled, bumpy-faced whores (so-called "glamour" models - give me a break) and otherwise whore ourselves out to the Daily Sport just to increase your circulation, then we are quite clearly a skanky bunch of half-wits and not the professional organisation that I thought we were supposed to be. We don't need to be associated with shiite like the Sport - the Army has absolutely nothing to gain and a lot to lose.

The Daily Sport can fcuk right off. Why don't you stick to your ex-Big Brother two-bit crack whores and pseudo-celebrities. They need the attention of sad, unemployed stalkers - we don't!
I dont care about anything in newspapers except the problem page giving me wood, Hurrah for the Sport, I'm just annoyed that the Naafi and Sallybash dont stock it here in Germany, which is ironic considering the literature I can buy from the Esso garage down the road.

Boo to all you newspaper snobs. Every time the newspapers are mentioned the usual Readers digest Reading dullards come on waffling on about how shite the paper they dont and never have read is (Then post a link to said papers website)
I am a Squaddie, a Junior NCO, I want Baps, I want birds with baps to visit on tour and pose for pics that I can then forward to civvy mates, amusing cartoons, Clarksons Column on a Saturday, ranting right wing columnists, footy, Rugby, footy and rugby gossip, adverts for baldess treatments, a variety of vegetables super imposed onto the heads of football managers, some dirty trollop showing her baps and spilling the beans on how Wellard off Eastenders nailed her 5 times in one hour and did'nt phone back, Headlines that insult foreigners, and a good giggle at Defence Journos who abbreviate Lance Corporal to LCoprp.

Except the Mirror cos its very Dull (Lack of baps), and before everyone goes on about how tabloids are responsible for attacks on Squaddies in Iraq I think Al Jizzeera, and Hoaxers are more to blame on that front.

I LOVE TABLOIDS. So much that I even fancy the Dirty Bird in the Sun's Striker Cartoon Strip.

All you, "I wouldnt wrap my chips with it" brigade are guilty of snobbery of the highest order. I will bet that a lot of you do read the redtops but just post that you hate them in a sad attempt to look clever.

You know who you are and you fool no one.

edited due to missing out the a in dullards, as broadsheet readers do get a bit grumpy about that sort of thing, too much spare time on their hands I think
taffridge said:
I LOVE TABLOIDS. So much that I even fancy the Dirty Bird in the Sun's Striker Cartoon Strip.
Enough already! Cheesews fcuking kerrist man...... She's a right proper minger.
Now say three hail Mary's and wash your todger in tcp.
Good grief......

[Edited to add: Not that I've ever...... The Sport........ You know...... :oops: ]
I can tell them about my top secret mission to retrieve the double decker bus from the moon, and how Paddy landed on the Sun. I asked if it would be hot and he said nope thought of that am going at night.!!

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