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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Jagythistle, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. Some of you may have seen an article in the Record today about one of the SCOTS Bn's.

    I noticed they finished it up

    What a bunch of to$$ers
  2. Where the Sun/Mirror lead, the rest of the Scum follow...

    Wonder what they'd do if we sent them a story showing the Army in a very good light?
  3. It is the Daily Retard.... Total pile of sheeite!
  4. seen tomorrow's Record?

    headline : "Army ammo used in gangland execution"

    "Cops trace bullet back to Argylls' Barracks."

    First par: " A bullet stolen from a Scots Army Unit was uded in a brutal gangland killing, the Record can reveal."

    If you want to check my posts just search under Maurice Mennie.
  5. I hope someone slots the cnut who thinks of this shite to put in the headlines.
  6. But what if its true?
  7. How about a part time defence secretary being paid by the MOD whilst working as Scottish secretary too.

    THATS a scandal.
  8. Tabloids, a buch of opportunistic leeches. At least their products are good for fish and chips or wiping one's posterior.
  9. It'll be properly investigated - they are not politicians.

    I live and work abroad and when I'm back home I still don't read that sh1t that they laughingly call a newspaper. It was a socialist rag and may still well be for all I know.

    I do have a story though - that one-eyed barsteward in Number 10 and that other fecker Browne (you know - the one who looks after Scotlands' First Minister and sometimes doubles up as Defence Secretary) are allowing pur Troops to go to war on 2 fronts undermanned, under-equipped, underpaid and if they are injured, under-resourced medically.

    They are a disgrace to Scotland.

    Print that you t0ssers! :twisted:
  10. While I agree they are to55ers (all tabloid scum) did we not laud it when our mate mr meanie was their target? IIRC 'tws the Retard that led the way then....
  11. Nobody with more than half a braincell believes what they read in the Daily Rangers. That just leaves weegies, and who really cares what they think?

  12. Could not have put it better myself!