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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Crabby_Patty, Mar 24, 2007.

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  1. Typical lefty ballcocks
  2. Well thats just spoiled what started off a good day for me how can this so called hack write such clap trap and get it printed? oh! thats right he has freedom of speech obtained on the back of the lives lost and injuries sustained by our lads and lasses in the forces. I think Mr Routledge is either very anti millitary (probably a member of CND in the 80s) or had a bad experience in the cubs as a kid and doesnt like people in uniform.
    For him to spout this rubbish. :frustrated:
  3. Love this one

    Because the government of the day, one that I presume from the quotes in the previous paragraphs of this tripe that he supports whole heartedly, sent these young men and women into harms way as a matter of policy on behalf of and for the benefit of the nation.

    Tripping over a paving slab in Birmingham and getting shot or blown up in Basra have absolutely no moral equivalent
  4. And this one

    I don't think 'we' are attempting to claim superior rights just the ordinary everyday rights of a British citizen would do for a start, the right to live in accomodation of a decent standard or the right to at least get a fair crack of the whip as far as social housing goes on discharge would be fine thanks.
  5. But to be fair, there are probably more fundamentalists in Sparkhill than Basra
  6. What an amusing piece of journalism - Guess the Mirror is off the reading list now too, best i start reading the broadsheets then!
  7. Im sure that twat is not with the NHS...No doubt he goes private along with remainder of his colleges from the Daily Crap. Im sure if the truth was known he has not had major scope for awhile so this one way of getting some attention for 10mins of his rather dull life....long live the SUN..
  8. How about some poems in his honor - in a similar vain to those about Kira!
  9. What an absolute fcuk wit he should spend a 6 month tour in Basra as top cover and then see how he feels and if he gets shin splints or something else that needs long term treatment see how long he has to go without treatment and still be expected to do normal work like vehicle maintenance. Prick
  10. Is this he?

  11. Im infavour of this idea so here are a few email adresses from the web page of the Morror paper

    For comments and questions about Mirror.co.uk email feedback@mirror.co.uk

    Queries about competitions, reader offers or back issues email cservices@mgn.co.uk

    To have your say about a story email mailbox@mirror.co.uk

    Wonder howmany they could get before they apologise
  12. I will personaly pay for this mans ticket into Iraq or Afgan not to return until a tour completed. deliver him to me , I swear that I will sacrificed my ticket to FI to have that happen.