Daily Mirror: Ross Kemp with our troops in warzone

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by eveyoz, Jan 6, 2008.

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  1. http://www.sundaymirror.co.uk/news/sunday/2008/01/06/ross-kemp-with-our-troops-in-war-zone-98487-20275742/

  2. I have to say he has made up for his time spent on "ultimate force".

    There are precious few civvies who voluntarily go out with the soldiers on the ground. He has certainly showed his charachter and bravery.

    That he went to see the families of killed soldiers adds so much more to his character.

    Doesn't his mrs work for the sun? Is she going to beat him up again :p
  3. I like the bloke and what he has done there is fantastic. Him, Jezza and the top gear crew and Gordon Ramsey for going out there with the bootknecks last year are a credit to the entertainment industry.
  4. Sorry folks, but IF he is doing it for all the right reasons and ALL the money he gets goes to Helpforheros, then i have no problem.

    However, will they put him in harms way? Will HE actually face what OUR lads face most days? Will what HE is doing make the changes needed out there? In short NO!

    I suppose is makes good entertainment for some and pays his wages!
  5. ffs,ross kemp is an actor i never got the impression that this was a bloke strutting around giving people the impression he was one of the blokes portrayed in the programme and as for going out to the stan i take my hat off to him there are some people in the media who do care and try to get across what the f*ck is going on over there how many Lilly livered scumbag politicians have done what hes done i wont here a bad word said about him top bloke
  6. Well he got into some serious contacts and made no bones about the fact he physically wet his pants, top bloke, well done Ross Kemp.
  7. Having seen the trailers it certainly looks like it will be a good series. He is certainly pro-forces and so it shouldn't turn into a stitch up.

    CharlieBubbles, why should he give his money to HFH? He still has to work for a living and a series that puts across a realsitic view of what the forces do will be worth more than any donation he made. Will it make any changes? I doubt it but I would rather see a decent (hopefully) documentary about real life than another Big Brother or X-Factor or any of the other 'reality' TV shows!
  8. Hats off to the bloke. You find me one MP since this whole fiasco has began that has said.

    "Put me in with the lads on the ground so I can fully understand what they're going through and what they need."


    "Move me and my family into the Married accom at Tidders for a month so i can see how the families are coping."

    Henno has showed here that not only has he got a big enough set in his shorts to go out and face some "Real nasty gangs". He has shown that he actually gives a sh1t about the lads by putting himself in harms way "Again".
  9. Top Bloke
  10. He was guest presenting on the Paul O'Grady chat show a few weeks ago and had a couple of squaddies from Afghan on. He came over as very pro armed forces and it was good to see someone willing to put their head above the parapet and say so.

    CharlieBubbles, I'm quite happy to see someone be paid to do that in the line of their work. He doesn't have to do it. Educating the masses on what the armed forces are actually doing these days will earn money for Helpforheroes and other service charities in other ways.

    Henno for Secretary of State for Defence when Jeremy Clarkson becomes P.M.!!! :D :D :D
  11. Have you actually read this thread properly?

    What he has done will probably result in more support for HFH than his 'wages' would.

    I remember all the negative vibes flying around on here a few weeks ago about it, and it still hasn't even aired yet.

    Wait and see how it is, how it is received, and what effect it has. You could be pleasantly surprised
    (Although this sensation normaly requires an open mind)

    Leave the man alone, he has done something many civi's would not do for ANY price, my hat is off to him. I'd buy him a pint.

    You are of couse entitled to your opinion, I just think some of us have been a bit 'previous
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Bl00dy good on the bloke - I had bugger-all time for him after ultimate farce and the 'gangs' thing, but I have to take my hat off to him for doing this, and for putting things so wel in the press. I'd love to know how he compares his feelings and experiences of this, with the faggots and scumbags in gangs? Who's braver and who's harder Ross?
  13. Looking forward to the series.

    The bottom line for me is that he put himself at risk to bring the story to the public. Fair play to him and I would buy the man a pint for that alone. I dont care if he gets paid as his ongoing efforts to highlight the situations the Armed Forces are experiencing every day can only be seen as a good effort .. Cheers Ross.

    I would have like to have been a fly on the wall when he met Swiss Des though.
  14. I'll keep an open mind. But I've never heard a 'bullet fizz by' ..........

    In my experience reporters have always been kept in sanitised conditions. But it looks like good journalism, mind, and if it does some good I'm for it.
  15. From what I've heard the blokes got on well with him and the fact that he did put his arse on the line is more than the tosspots who spout shite about the blokes, fair play to you Ross and your dodgy Eastenders fake Para Regt tattoo!!