Daily Mail....W.T.F are they on?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by cernunnos, Aug 14, 2013.

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  1. I love the Daily Heil because they never fail not to undershoot today's plunging press standards.

    With their wide readership accross the big wet thingy they also seem to have accepted the sneering "gee wow and we bet you never knew", attitude of the American media to it's knuckle dragging readership.

    In this article for example we learn that the Perseids, the most spectacular astronomical spectacle still available free to non dinosaurs, are actually comets!

    Perseid Meteor Shower: Amazing time lapse photo captures comets | Mail Online

    The whole thing backed up by some very lacklustre timelapse pics FFS. The most ten bob of hobby astronomers will be chundering over them.

    Haven't they got some real news...a royal nappy stolen from a palace bin for example?

    Rant ends.....I'm off to kick the puppy!
  2. But you, like most of Arrse, still read it regularly; I would think the circulation manager's bonus is safe this year.
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  3. The only time I ever see it is links off ARRSE.
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  4. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    This 'big wet thingy'... which page is it on?
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  5. I go to the Daily Mail website front page, press ctrl+F and insert the word cancer, if it finds a match, I know that the Daily Mail's medical teams are doing there work and I need not read the whole sorry rag!
  6. No, I "google news" I don't care how many puppies are shitting on my floor I won't buy it, or any Brit paper at BFG or "European edition" prices!

    Sadly the evil slithering scientologist aliens behind google seem to pay as much attention to the Daily Vile as they do to The Huffington Post.
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  7. Any page you like, post it to me and I'll let the new Visla bitch puppy squat on it, you can have it back by return mail.
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  8. If you are not happy with the Daily Mail, vote with your wallet and choose another free online paper, like the Guardian or Independent.
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  9. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Just stop trying to think of it as a 'news'paper. It becomes a lot easier then.
  10. if the above article produced the this level of rage you probably shouldnt read anymore of the website, it wouldnt be good for you.
  11. Arh the daily scare, what an institution for the hard of learning, with its combination of salacious reporting and moral panic followed by a huge convoy of uneducated readers all sitting on the outrage bus waiting to drive to their next scare mongering and mis-reporting conference. Oh no wait a minute isn't that ARSSE??....


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  12. Pizza on a train That very inconsiderate for the other passengers isn't it?
  13. The thing that I have noticed, from following the links on ARRSE, is that there's a very large percentage of the comments that emanate from outside these sceptred isles. Particularly from the former colony to the south of Canada.
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  14. was amazed to find a number of comments on an Edward Snowdon article calling him a traitor/ he should be shot, hung etc. Don't they have their own .com site for all that?
    For proper news it might be shite but it is one of those places to get the odd stories from the lesser visited corners of the internet.