Daily Mail to become WORLD'S most popular news site

The Mail is for crusty old people who haven't got long to live, and for ******* retards.
You missed out the illiterate youth - we must always consider the future. In fact maybe that's why their readership is growing as our 3 Rs education standard fall.
I don't know why people read newspapers any more, they are sensationalist rubbish. However, it seems some people can't live without them and even rely on them to be told who to vote for.


Apparently anyone who does not see it as the source of all wisdom must be a socialist europhile.... (or so I was recently told).
I read on line Telegraph, Financial Times, Guardian, Independent and Mail.
The Mail downloads quicker then all the others.

Smearing shite on your screen is quicker still and will generally give you a more objective outlook on current affairs than most British newspapers.

The Mail, though... Truly, the End of Times (no pun intended) is upon us.
But the Mail manages to keep the outrage bus trundling along.Without it,what would we do?
It also provides Jeremy Vine with most of his programme.
In all seriousness I believe the Mail website is so popular as they ALWAYS have a parade of stories about women with their chebs hanging out down the right hand side of the page
The outrage mongs on here posting every ******* story the Heil publishes must help them out a fair bit?
The most enthusiastic linkers to the Mail site are lefty web sites where they obsessively scrutinise and study the thing, in order to get outraged about how outraged the Mail is. I pointed that out on one such site once and got banned for it (about a week later; most of them were public employees and had to have a secret conclave to run my offence through their various forum disciplinary committees first).



Perhaps we should establish an arrse 'Media Info' thread to provide reasoned debunking and clarification every time the Mail or other paper posts a manifestly (and occasionally) intentional story or non-story?
I've tried that on several occasions regarding the financial situation in Europe, but normally end up getting annoyed at the never ending stream of stupidity....
I have an awful confession to make, I do read the mail online and then wonder why, the quality of reporting is terrible. I try and counter this by reading the Telegraph on line but that's nearly as bad.
London centric crap - 'Where best to buy pigeon this week', 'This week's best Opera', 'Are you paying too much for your Gites?'

Any recommendations for a better quality online news read?
I have an awful confession to make, I do read the mail online and then wonder why, the quality of reporting is terrible. I try and counter this by reading the Telegraph on line but that's nearly as bad.
The Telegraph has made a conscious and deliberate attempt to 'Mailify' itself as a way of attracting the notoriously aspirational, show-offy readers of the Mail.
Ah yes, The Daily Mail - the journalistic bastion of Middle England. It's a form of the Sun for semi educated people with middle class aspirations.

I recently worked with some 20 and 30 something graduates; they seemed to fit a general mould. One was a 30 year old Media Studies graduate (that was her actual degree, it's not a barbed sneer on my part). She was incapable of writing coherent English, or communicating ideas clearly and concisely. Spelling and grammar were alien concepts to her.

While she was a generally pleasant individual, she had been taught to believe that the world owed her a living, and viewed life through PC tinted lenses. Her general knowledge (outside the field of celebs and other inane trivia) was abysmal, and she apparently had no background whatsoever in history or current affairs. The sad part was that she had a creative spark; with a disciplined mind, and a broader depth of knowledge, she could have achieved a lot more.

She was also an enthusiastic Daily Mail reader and much of her worldview was formed by that paper.

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