Daily Mail- SAS 'beat Iraqi policemen with rifles in hunt for Red Caps killers'...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Grim_Squeaker85, Nov 4, 2012.

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  1. My first feeling is if that poor sod is really an SAS Colonel, then I think it's ****ing disgusting posting his photo and name on the internet and in the press. *****.
  2. Thats what I though. Wouldn't seem a smart move. The reporter Mark Nichol seems to specialise in sensationalist 'What if?' articles.
  3. From the article
    "The Mail on Sunday has obtained a photograph of Col Williams standing by the police station dressed as a Red Cap. The giveaway to his identity is the Diemaco C8 carbine assault rifle in his right hand – a weapon issued to SAS soldiers but not to military policemen."

    Couple of issues, I'm not a spotter, so may well be wrong, but both of the men in that photo appear to be carrying the same type of weapon, are they?

    How does carrying a weapon narrow down the carrier of that weapon to a specific individual to a degree of accuracy to name him?

    Who has contacted these policemen and told them that they can get a wedge of cash (probably on a no win no fee basis)?
  4. Richard Williams is a media-whore and pictures and video of him can be found quite simply by typing his name into google. Get off the bus.
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  5. The photo is shitty but they look like the same weapons to me. I don't think this excuse for a paper, let the truth get in the way of a good story/photo. What I will say is that they arn't standard issue rifles, I'll also say that the lack of a scope is dubious (although I don't know anything about the SAS). Something isn't right about it. But I stand by my first statement, if that is an ex or serving member of the SAS then posting a photo of him and his real name is tantamount to meaning he will now live forever in fear of what will happen.
  6. Well I'd never heard of him.
  7. That article is pure mud flinging sensationalism but there is something up with that photo. I could be way off the mark but the whip of the right guys radio looks like it might be UHF - so for TAC P or SF etc not pigs.
  8. So some Iraqi Policemen who if not actually guilty of killing the RMPs would have at least known some or all of those responsible for killing them have claimed that they were abused by the SAS. You'd have thought that if they felt strongly enough about their alleged abuse they might have mentioned it a bit earlier than now.
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  9. RMP close protection also carry C8s as well as other weapons not on issue to bog standard Regts.
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  10. Thought they use MP5's for CP work?
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  11. i thought Mark Urban's book Task Force Black was on the whole very good indeed. I did wince however when he stated that the Troopers put the boot in to get answers during the police station visit. I thought then it was only a matter of time until some scumbag HR bod read the thing for ammo and then sought out the victims for mucho of our British Pounds.

    ETA: I suppose it just goes to show that however carful you are these matters should never be published until they are history. I am however sufficient of a hypocrite that I read it anyway.
  12. ****ing blouse.

    That doesn't sound like a beating to me, it sounds like someone who can't follow simple instructions being motivated.
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