Daily Mail on the Army v Navy Rugby

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, May 3, 2010.

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  1. Found this little snippet tucked away in the back of the Mail in some bloke called Charles Sale's column:

    The sporting event which attracted the biggest crowd of the weekend - more than 50,000 - didn't even warrant a mention in the rugby union fixture lists.

    But the Navy's first victory over the Army for nine years at Twickenham still required a larger police presence - both Met and military - than any other match in the calendar.

    This is due to residents' concerns about the serious potential for drink-related trouble, such is the massive booze-fest in local pubs before and after the armed forces showdown.

    So is the reason that they shut up shop early evening? Never known the reasons for it, I just assumed that all the bar staff were knackered!
  2. Aren't there extra coppers due to the high level of streaking / general nudity.

    On that note congratulations to Zorro for superb E&E skills!
  3. it was on the RFU fixtures list
  4. Not sure but there always seems an overkill of the law everywhere, I think I've only ever seen one punch up there in 10 years.
  5. I saw Zorro at Clapham Junction station on the way home....standing ovation from those at the match, both Green/Red and Blue. Civvies didn't have a clue what was going on.
    What a hero!
  6. Was that the one last year ?

  7. An excuse to get a bit of overtime in? :D Agreed JD, have only ever saw the odd handbag fight, nothing that requires the scale that is present.
  8. That will be the residents happily selling food drink etc to us on the way past, personally I think that it is just an easy overtime stint, or possibly the secirity risk of having that many service peeps in a close area.
    Also has the journalist who scribbled that never been to a kissball game ever.
  9. Too right! Some bloke even invited a load of us into his flat on the way out of the game, I was bursting for a piss so went in....he reminded me of Hannibal Lector so I left sharpish!
  10. I've been on quite a few of the planning meetings before the game involving the security staff etc.

    Obviously what we all know is that Army Navy is all about the social and not so much about the game which differs from international fixtures. Plus the fact that the vast majority are serving, in good health and out to get a skinful then it offers up a different perspective for the plod and the locals such as peeing in the streets and hanging around for a long time afterwards to carry on the motion. Most people leave the internationals after kick off whereas we generally hang around until the Corps bars etc close.

    There's also the streaker element. I guess that next year the pitch will be ringed with RMP and their Navy equivalent to stop this happening. Personally I think that streaking ruins the game and belittles the sporting event, even if it is funny.
  11. Only bother I've ever seen there was a bootie being arrested for urinating in the street. Not a full on "Look how high my stream goes" either, it was a back to the crowd slash down a quiet side road.
  12. Do they mention who's idea it is to close the pubs?
  13. Yes some of the pitch invasions are a pain but you must admit Zorro was outstanding
  14. Yeah its the Police's idea.

    We tend to hang around and fill the bars close to the station causing a problem to traffic and so the idea is that if the pubs close then the majority will leave to get a pint elsewhere.

    I dont know about town but after the during the match I went to the Duke of Cambridge with a few other of the vets. That didnt close at all and seemed to have two civvy security staff (one a good intentioned but fat fugly munter in leggings!) who helped the traffic get by and herd us to safety
  15. I must admit to thinking that they can be a bit over the top sometimes at Army/ Navy not at all like at big international games. I've never seen any trouble at any of the games I have been to and wondered why the big presence

    A Group of lads from 814 NAS went to the 95 game. We were sauntering up to the turnstiles in high mood, having been imbibing a few tinnies on the minibus. There was a bit of singing going on and we burst into the Wild Rover. Some great big tosser of an inspector with a body guard stopped us. His bodyguard was the model for Dimbleby the copper from Spitting Image. The inspector starts waving his stick at us suggesting that we shut up and stop singing rebel songs as we weren't in the right place and how would all the army lads feel who had losts mates in NI.

    Now in my time in the mob and all the years I've been playing and watching rugby I have never considered Wild Rover a rebel song. I conveyed this message to the aforementioned Police Inspector who told me to "shut my F*&^king mouth". Now I suppose at this point, I should have just wound my neck in but the stupid genes in me took over. I turned around and asked the first squaddie walking past was the Wild Rover a rebel song. His reply was "Nah mate, I always sing it when I'm pi&&ed"

    Queue much stifled laughter from the lads. The old bill was less than happy and resorted to if you don't shut up you won't see the game, nor will your mates. It was at this point that the Senior Pilot on the Squadron stepped in and told me to shut me gob, gave some smarmy s*&t to the copper and off we toddled.

    Saw the absolute Cnut as we were driving out of the car park on the way home, leant out of the window and shouted "Thank you Constable" Miserable Plick