Daily Mail o matic

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  1. fun fun fun

    but does it do the russel howard- immigrants bring in new type of aids which lowers house prices and gets your teenage daughter pregnant
  2. Oh cock.I see from 'the Similar Threads' this has been around for a while.Sorry.
  3. Heh,heh,heh ! Van, you didn't make me spray my coffee over the screen.....that would generate one thing....you've made me get my coat on and go down the local for a coffee, which will probably generate a much worse headline later......!!!
  4. Don't have time, but what would Obama-blowjob-Thatcher produce....?
  5. There's no fiction to this headline: ARE BRUSSELS BUREAUCRATS RIPPING OFF TAXPAYERS' MONEY?
  6. "Could the BBC infect the memory of Diana with AIDs?". Nice!