Daily Mail - Future Mrs Windsor groomed by ambitious mother

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MrPVRd, Aug 6, 2005.

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  1. I was reading the housewives' favourite comic yesterday and chanced upon an article claiming that the bint of the future Prince of Wales and King was sent by an ambitious Mummy to St Andrews in a targeted husband-snatching strategy.

    Moreover, apparently she has her "v" intact, whatever that is, which may be seen as important for royal purposes (I can't see why, given some of their past histories). Although, being a modern woman over the age of 18, it can only refer to the back door.

    Truth or space-filling speculation?

    Whatever the case, there may be a website solution for such dilemmas in future! :twisted:

  2. There was a remarkable increase in the number of female applicants to St Andrew's when it was finally (officially) revealed that HRH William was going there.
  3. It was much better in the old days when they had wars and things over who had the right to the royal genitalia!
  4. The mother could only send her there though.

    She would have to do the ground work, so she either was up for it aswell or perhaps, just perhaps, she caught the Royal eye (and no doubt passed various tests) and cracked on.

    He is only a lad and the end of the day and she is a cracker.
  5. I think there's some jealosy here chaps. Who wouldn't love it if mumsy offered up her remarkably fit, teenage virgin daughter on a plate? So what if she's an agressive social climber? I'm sure the firm have the cell that did the job in Paris in 97 somewhere...