Daily Mail Article "How monstrous that we care so little

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Napoleon_Bunnyparte, Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. about young men fighting in our name on the far side of the world"

    really good article by Max Hastings. Well worth the read.

    Sorry not able to cut and paste article as its not on-line.
  2. A fairly pointless post then really...

    I quite like Vanilla Coke too but I do not feel honour bound to tell everyone about it.
  3. It's NOT that we don't care.

    It's just that we can't read the article.
  4. Blimey! Look what I found.......

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  5. We care and WE will be using our votes this May.
  6. Nice photo by the way.
  7. Good article.
  8. It is not fashionable to praise the troops as it's un fashionable to support the wars.

    Negativity is the norm in our wonderful press, we are turning into a country of whingers.

    The Aussies are right and they spank us at cricket.

  9. Mukhabarat2003 your a ruddy star.

    I have been trying to run that article through our super fandango all singing top of the range scanner at work and can you believe that people kepp disturbing wanting to put work stuff through.e
    Bugger off this is more important.

    Thanks for your help on this matter and it is a good article.
  10. Try my best! You need to have a serious word in your work colleagues' shell likes.

    Photo enhanced and enlarged for those interested.

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  11. That’s a REALLY nice photo, even more so because you know its not staged: bayonet on, something burning & lads facing all quarters as British Infantry and the RM have done for the past 400 + years
  12. Kind of sums things up really - ordinary people doing extraordinary things, without too much fuss, forgotten by the miserable sods where what pass for heroics in their soft world are a daily chore for the Armed Forces.
    Blimey, where did that come from? Must be a bitter old cynic or something.......

    Edited for clarity or something
  13. Another well written article from Max Hastings. I wish it were different but the public no longer seems to care about the Armed Forces, and the current crop of politicians do not consider us important enough to adequately fund us, although they love the ability to despatch troops at the wave of a Prime Ministerial hand.

  14. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Whats that ont he left hand guy7 weapon? desert DPM tape?
  15. Here's a better version of that pic.