War Hero
wow, what a guy. Unfortunatly what he thinks should happen doesn't and the other guy is right when he says that people just don't care

I'd buy him a drink anyday
Kelly was reminded of his status in the civilian world on a visit to a Canterbury pub with Private Kevin Challis, who was staying with him as he also recovered from being shot. As the pair queued at the bar, their wounds identified them as soldiers: Challis wore a metal support for his injured shoulder, Kelly had bandages around his wrist.

A frown spread across Kelly's features. He was stung by the indifference shown by those around them.

"What is it, Paul?" Challis asked when they had finally been served.

Kelly fingered the rim of his glass.

"You know, Kev, we should be able to come in here and the bar should clear. Whoever they are serving, they should just stop, put their glasses down and come over to us and say, 'Gents, for what you've done, you should have these on the house."

Damn right they should.

My hat's off to both of them.