Daily Mail article about MERTs in HERRICK

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chasndave, Feb 8, 2010.

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  1. Mail article

    The Daily Fascist doing right by the boys and girls for once; v interesting article.
  2. Bit dusty in here.
  3. Really good article! Resus is hard enough in a quiet (relatively) resus room, how they do it under those circumstances is totally beyond me.
  4. Very good article; hats off to all concerned
  5. Fantastic article and I would say on a par with Michael Yon (incidentally he has a new dispatch on his website about C130s). The last 2 paragraphs of the Daily Mail article I found particularly moving.
  6. Top girl too so she is.
    Doffs cap to you all out there of late. :salut:
  7. It's really not that bad you spend most of you shift watching telly and eating Tato crisps.
  8. A very well written article.
  9. Far better than Michael Yon; the photographer knows how to use a camera and the author can write.
  10. Thanks for your input there, Einstein. May I suggest that, in future, if you have nothing positive or of value to add, then you stay on pprune or whatever site you normally inhabit.............
  11. Good girl...but that is clearly NOT an unloading bay!!!!
  12. May I suggest you poke it, I worked IRT/MERT for six months, I spent most of my time eating crisps and w@nking. :D
  13. How appropriate.....................
  14. You wouldn't last five minutes doing it because you don't appear to have a sense of humour.
  15. Yeah, that's right................