Daily life?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by FrenchyNW, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. Im just wondering what does the infantry do on a regular day? One of my relatives work in logistics so he worked with his Vehicles. But what do the Infantry do. Also as you are infantry do you do more tours than other units?(I would presume so?)


  2. They do a little bit of running....lets say around 45 mins.....then they lie in their pits and play xbox, watch DVDs, whilst the REME graft all hours to fix the waggons they've trashed ;)
  3. Unless you are armoured/mechanised in which case you graft all day fixing wagons whilst the REME lay on thier pits...... ;-)
  4. what do Light Role soldiers do day to day then?
  5. I drink a lot of tea.
  6. I also drink a lot of tea and eat sausage baps
  7. Good shout.
  8. any real insight in to it? as to what the normal infantry soldier does? (minus the fatties)
  9. Real insight?Monking about not getting a early knock off then getting back to your grot to give the w@nk sock a good beasting.
  10. Normal training day for rifle company
    company parade
    Phys first thing
    naffi break ( every one eats sausage baps , even the company pti :eek: )
    lessons or admin
    company parade
    lessons or admin

    ( admin usally consisting of fifa comps on playstation )
  11. cheers nice help man thanks.