Daily life of a Communication Systems Engineer?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by bobhope, Sep 3, 2009.

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  1. I am seeking advice on the daily life of this career role after training. Am looking for advice on what they get upto while on operation on in uk. I do apologise if this topic has been done, and i am too stupid to find answers in the search results.

    I will be starting basic training in January and will be doing the role above as my job choice. I know the basic about job and training, just looking for information on what i can expect when im in a unit or on tour.

  2. On tour you will normally be stuck in a workshop attempting to repair any broken kit, but fresh out of Phase 2 you are likely to get put onto a det to learn how the kit works properly.

    My first 2 years as a tech I worked on the SAS M/C and Relay and barely fixed anything...

    Nothing has changed :oops:

    Apparantley we don't use Ptarmigan and Clansman any more :?
  3. CSE is no longer a 100% technician role now that it has merged with IS Engineer. It all depends on what unit and what LSN you are posted to. I would imagine it could go from fixing broke stuff (if your allowed to do that anymore!) to daily sys admin tasks on networks to managing CISCO WAN links. And with the possibility of gaining Microsoft & CISCO certifications on the course you could do worse...........storeman or liney !!!!! TAKE COVER!
  4. Virtually all kit is sent back under contract to manufacturer, you're not even supposed to make cables now :x As for the IT stuff most of it is managed civvies so not a great deal there either. On ops is a bit different as kit needs to be kept going no matter what.
  5. Thanks, just what i was looking for. :D
  6. It's only really the fixed (i.e. in-barracks) stuff that is managed completely by Atlas. Just about every unit has a chance to deploy with JOCS these days on exercise as well as ops and we will soon be seeing DII-FD rolling out. At the end of the day, the IT is all based on commercial builds, so it's reasonably easy to emulate the engineering and admin skills in units, given a bit of imagination. The Campaign Sig Regts will all have some reasonable comms gear - prob unwise to spell out capability over these means, but the best opportunities for decent gear will probably come by going to the mainstream Regts rather than Bde HQs and so on. Bde HQs are a great opportunity for other trades but IMHO you can't beat going to a Regt if you're a CS Engr. But you can be lucky or lunlucky in the Regts too - possibly depending on how fore-sighted your bosses are.
  7. I thought I’d post my question here rather then start ‘another’ CSE thread…

    I'm particularly interested in an active career with the 'green army', with a techy edge. I’m physically and mentally capable and I’m sure Royal Signals is the way forward.

    Specifically, I'm wondering how active the CSE trade is? What I mean is; does this role include working in-the-field getting your feet dirty, maybe even out on patrols, or does it tend to be more focussed around working on equipment in a tent/HQ/building/whatever? I’ve read there is opportunity within CSE to get placements with the Marines, Para’s and SF, how would those roles differ?

    I appreciate I'm asking for a huge generalisation about what is a very varied job, but any info about deployments, options and opportunities would be appreciated!