Daily Express article - 21 Jun 06

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Litotes, Jun 21, 2006.

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  1. Today's Express has a 3/4 page article by Leo McKinstry on the editorial page asking why public departments are not as efficient as the Army! He argues that the reason the Army delivers is because it is focussed on delivery and has the structure, discipline and ethos to carry it through. He writes that the Govt is damaging the Army by asking it to do too much with too little funding. He notes that it is the Army that has been named as the top employer in Equal Opportunity terms, for 6 years.

    I would provide a link to it, but the Express's website bombards me with pop-ups, asks for my inside leg measurement and wants 40p for me to read the article on-line. And as I have the hard-copy in front of me, that is unlikely......!

    I returned to the website to see if I could find the article and found that I couldn't even get to the demonstration of their on-line newspaper without signing up to a £10/mth service! [A tip to the Express publishers - if you make things difficult on the web, people go elsewhere)!

    If you are a glutton for punishment, here is the link to their home page!

    Daily Express Home Page

    I might persuade my clerk to type it up and post it!

  2. Type it up yourself ya lazy bugger!
  3. I don't have the time....as I spend so long reading arrse.co.uk!

  4. At least you've got your priorities sorted! :D
  5. He probably got his inspiration for the article from this book The Business General. There was an article in the FT in late April with a similar thrust as that in the Express. I'm afraid I can't repro it or provide a link for the same reasons Litotes explained above.
  6. Snipped from the Daily Express dated 21 Jun 06:


    Author: Leo McKinstry

    Last paragraph reads:

    The irony is that, precisely because the armed services do not spend all their time in internal navel-gazing and ideological debate, they are far better at delivering equal opportunities than other public bodies. For six consecutive years, the British Army has been officially named as the best performer in the public sector for meeting the needs of ethnic minorities.

    The danger, however, is that the Labour Government, far from learning lessons from the efficiency of the armed forces, will continue to undermine them. Unlike other public services, the military has been over-stretched by limited funding at a time when it has been expected to operate across the globe in the war on terror.

    Tough-minded and resilient, military personnel have proved astonishingly tolerant of this exploitation. But we are now approaching breaking point. It would be a disaster if, because of ideology, the armed forces were dragged down to the same shambolic level of much of the rest of the public sector.

    Litotes [with thanks to my clerk!]