Daily Allowance


Excuse me guys if I get the term wrong... one of our clerks told us we could claim back daily allowances from any course we have been on since august 06 when away from unit and we don't need receipts. One of ours guys has gone ahead and done this and put everything through, unfortunately our 2IC is the biggest pratt going :pissedoff: and refuses to sign it without receipts even though they are not apparently needed. Can any of you confirm about these daily allowances (think its £5 per day) and if you need receipts, if it's jsut the 2IC being an idiot can you advise hopw to deal with him. We could understand if this money came out of the unit budget. :plotting:
In light of JPA, it is known as self-certification of claims therefore you can attach a statement saying that you spent £5 on Phone calls papers laundry at any unit that is not your own. However, this is the however, a 5%-10% audit will be mandatory each audit year which is taken by the Normally the Bn 2IC as he normally controls the budget. Any if you dont produce the reciepts for the claim you will have to pay it back. So initial production of recipts on a claim up £5 per day is incorrect, however subject to audit of your claim you will pay it back if you dont have them. In light of this your 2IC is being particulary tight, but if you dont have the reciepts he's saving you a day fiver if you get caught with a potentially fraudulant claim. By the way you have to keep all reciepts for up to 5 years as they can be asked for at anytime - no reciepts - pay it all back - get taken out your next wagepacket within 3 days - JPA's mint!!!!!!!!!! and pending a potential court martial.


Why do we have to keep all receipts for 5 years, when all the briefings and literature on JPA states only keeping receipts for 12 months!!!!


only 12 months for personal receipts. Don't confuse it with the 6 years that the unit have to keep financial records for external audit purposes. As for the self-claiming statement to the effect that you spent X on newspapers, phonecalls or laundry don't fall down the line of 'I spent 4.99 every day' The whole idea is to recompense you for actual expenditures, not put money into your pocket that wasn't expended.