Daft/Unique sapper games

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by titch-bod, Apr 18, 2007.

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  1. Insomnia rules these days so I've been looking back over old threads (yes I know I need to get out more), but noticed a mention of nurdles, which if I remember correctly, involved 2x shovels, 2x hammers and 2x tins of cheese possessed ('cause it's all we would waste), slammed onto the top of the shovel handles, and if memory serves, this was only played on the hard at Soltau, whilst waiting for Wolfgang to come off the area with his bratties, pommis, und Gelb handbag mit die Elvis music. :hungry:
    This then led to thinking that after nurdles and death by euchre, we played conkers with PE4 and det cord, or 808 (with gloves on of course), to scare the shit out of the grunts, mainly because they thought plastic explosive was nitroglycerine. Never seen so many people go hatch down so quick in my life. Laugh, I nearly got the handbags in.

    So what other, if plentiful, and I'm sure there is, daft games have we amused ourselves with, when time was plentiful, alcohol the catalyst and sappers the willing participants?
  2. lol evil person. but i like the bridging game the most seen many of people get the shi t kicked out of them playing that 1
  3. shock
  4. arse darts- darts, but with a bare arse with dartboard drawn on in lieu of the more traditional dartboard.

    feckin hurts if they get a bullseye!!!
  5. Looney,

    I think the word of the day should be Mechanical-Shock 8)
  6. :D climbing the launch frame on the AVLB for us tankies was quite popular :strong: not that i managed it...grrr :censored: arms not long enough!!

    Nurdles....... 8)
    1point.shaft to shaft
    2points.head to shaft
    3points.shaft to can
    4points.head to can
    5points. a nurdle...e.g head of hammer twats hell out of can death from above style :clap:
  7. Nails! Great game. Nothing like letting p155ed up sappers run around with a hatchet. You could cheat like fcuk as well by inserting steel plate into one side so you would always win.
  8. Swamping games, kick in the back, little boy wee-wees, naked bar, pass the punch, spoof, bowl of justice.

    Bloody engineers, turned me into a horrible horrible man on the urine.

    Shame on you all.
  9. Gundulph
    Driving around this boulder/rock infested desert for eight Hrs a day is giving my kidneys at good dose of mechanical shock mate..
  10. Ditto!

    Has anyone ever played the one where you need to piss yourself, and create the smallest spot of wee, and whoever has the largest one has to buy the next round.
  11. freckles....
    (bread or bucket..)
    buzz, fizz buzz
    shock with red, charley and tennents as currency
    cheese and wine evenings( you know what I mean don't you)
  12. Creepy, I thought you were about to mention 'Soggy Biscuit' just then! 8O
  13. Drink Drafts - the spot of blackcurrent for colour. I have never been so horribly ill!
  14. Insert trembler for 1 point and adjust as necessary
  15. shit....i was thinking about trembler/tremor yesterday too....oh well,cheers :wink: