Daft stuff me dad said

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 4-8-Alfa, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. Seeing the forum for 16yr old PCSO ! reminded me of when my Dad, gawd bless his old cotton socks, used to say “You know when you’re getting old son – the bobbies start to look young”, and other stuff like if you pull faces and the wind changes you’ll get stuck like that (mmm, that one might be true), to name but two among a myriad of others.
    Any more daft stuff from parents, maiden aunts?
  2. i had just bashed my first car, the left wing was very crumpled, Dad, bless him, said "get some T-Cut on it, that will sort out" :roll:
  3. I used to have an uncle who told me it was our little secret and don't tell your parents, does that count?
  4. did he sit you on his knee and have a bag of Worthingtons Toffees???
  5. Would that be uncle Tom?
  6. If you fall out of that tree and break both your legs don't come running to me....
  7. You're enough to give me arsse an 'eadache lad.
  8. On departing for my first tour of NI, "If you get killed, your mother will never talk to you again."
  9. It wasn't his knee!
  10. My pop used to come out with these one's

    "Gonna see a man about a dog" (going to the pub)

    "youre be laughing on the other side of your face when i get hold of you"

    "Im gonna kick youre arrse from hear to next sunday"
  11. Is that you play a fecking guitar these days?
  12. My Grandad had a few odd sayings:

    When asked something like 'Do you know....' He'd say 'Oh yeah, we used to go to different schools together.' Or 'I know him, one of his eyes are both the same.'

    Mind you he was an ex blanket stacker.
  13. My dad said, "if you get killed, don't come crying home to me" 8O
  14. On joing the Army my Great Aunt Alice (ex ATS) Told me: "Here's a couple of quid lass, stay away from squaddies and thall be allreet" She was right, I didn't, I wasn't. Wise woman she was.
  15. Whats the point in joining the Army you will never stick it, youll be out after six months.

    The times through basic I considered sacking it and thinking Im not going to let him win so stuck it out. Twenty years later and still going strong, it wasnt till Id got to my ten year point when he told me he'd actually done 9 years in the RASC and his dad had said the same to him. I suppose fathers know best :D