Daft stuff for a box for blokes on Ops

I'm currently putting together a few boxes to send out to Afghanistan. These aren't to anyone in particular (although if there's anyone out there reading this who'd like one sent to them, PM me).

Thing is, there's loads of threads asking what to send and most replies are about sending Haribo, sports drink powders, brew stuff etc, but I remember reading someone apologising for their kid insisting on sending a sonic screwdriver toy. This was then countered by another ARRSEr saying that it was a fcuking great idea and they would've loved it.

Basically, I'm looking for really daft sh!t to send out that will still be welcomed (so nothing funny-but-useless).

Not too expensive either.

Front runner:

Fecking hayoooge water balloon slingshot
I know they're in the middle of a desert, but what's the chances of any squaddie ever using one of these for water balloons filled with water anyway? :twisted:

LED message fan thingy
Swearing Parrot
Bullsh!t detector
Weird shock-ball thing
Darth Vader voice/breathing thing

Really BAD idea:
Gloves, Heated, Pink
Funny, from an evil point of view, but a bit of a waste.

Any ideas? :D

Obviously they've got to be small & reasonably light to be postable.
And legal to post as well!


Kit Reviewer
We took a mini version of that slingshot to Leeds festival a few years back. It was the one that hooks on your feet as you lie back. You could still get a good few hundred yards clearance with it, and was a LOT of fun.

A mate of mine recently discovered a miniature poker set, with little chips. It all folded away into a wallet about 2x4x5" but had enough chips (and a deck of cards) for a decent six-handed game of Hold'em.
Excellent ideas, what a top man you are.

Best idea, that sling shot and some form of balloon that Phalanx will lock onto and blast out of the sky =D
Sluice_dweller said:
What about the girls?
Won't they have enough to play with? :wink:
Sluice_dweller said:
What about the girls?
95% of the femmes I know would love the stuff on TT's list, I know I would :oops:

Tame perhaps, but I always include balloons - the malleable ones for twisting into an effigy of the OC or Taj Mahal...
Sluice_dweller said:
What about the girls?
its not a good idea to send them in boxes without air holes apparently, at least so the prosecution tell me.
I've just noticed some warnings on the slingshot that made me laugh:

Do not fire directly at people or animals

For use with water balloons only

Not suitable for use by psychopaths
How about one of these;


How about a tax rebate?
the executioner fly swap, morale booster in the form of an electric shock tennis racket

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