Daft questions about the TORNADO GR4!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by cavepunk, Nov 9, 2006.

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  1. Hi there!

    Not sure if I'm really allowed to use this site (being a civilian!) but I wonder if it'd be okay if I asked you guys in the know some what-might- seem-like ridiculous questions about the Tornado?

    I'm a comics writer and my new story involves a Tornado being ordered to bomb the Castlerigg stone circle in Keswick. I've often watched them flying over this part of the Lake District but for the story I'm writing I need to know various specific technical jargon etc. so that the story is at least based on some kind of reality.

    I thought I'd ask first if that was okay rather than you guys laughing me out of the water with my lame-arse questions!

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Well your going to get some comic responses....
  3. An RAF forum might help. You do know don't you that the Army doesn't use Tornados?
  4. Bombing stone circles? Doing a Quatermass followup?

    "Huffity Puffity Ring stone round...."
  5. Pity the Septics don't have the Tornado; you could do a comic piece on the levelling of Stonehenge!
  6. They did actually look at the Tonka as a Wild Weasel replacement, but the "Buy American" lobby won out, by all accounts.

  7. Or maybe because it's crap?
  8. Ah, you're awake, M'Lord! 8O
  9. I feel I should also point out that the Castlerigg stone circle is a Scheduled Ancient monument (No. 22565), and as such enjoys statutory protection under the terms of the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979. Any actions that would affect a SAM or its setting require Scheduled Monument Consent, obtained from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), who are advised by English Heritage.

    So as long as whoever issued the orders has got the appropriate paperwork from EH and DCMS you can bomb with a clear conscience.
  10. Eh :? :(
  11. Well now, if the Castlerigg stone circle is the target, then you must make sure that the old 'uns tell you all about that Most Secret fitting to the Tornado in years gone by of: Blue Circle Radar. 8O

    If I was not also a taxpayer I would laugh.
  12. Blue Circle was fitted to the F3. It has no use in the GR4, different role.
  13. True. But if one were working on a cunning plan to attack a stone circle then I can think of no piece of radar kit better suited to the task
  14. Nah. F.2, they had Foxhunter working by the time of the F.3 and squadron service. Blue Circle was only for the prototypes, so that the (late) radar wouldn't hold up the whole development programme.

    Foxhunter was just your basic, mid-1970s, HPRF/LPRF only, big sod-off, needs talking baggage to work it, radar. In other words, similar to the thing in the front of the F-14.

    AIUI, GR.4 is still using the same terrain following radar as GR.1, which also makes it 1970s vintage, and suspiciously similar to the thing that went in the front of the F-111.