Daft question about Army number.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Birdy, Apr 21, 2006.

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  1. Just curious, I'm guessing your Army number you had in the regs will be used if you joined the TA?
  2. Yes, and vice-versa, unless there is a change in comissioned status
  3. yes it ias the same number the ta will aply to your unit to have your docs sent over
    to confirm you were not DD ot MD from the rgulars
  4. You get your army number, you have it for life. ;)
  5. Does this go for females as well as males? I've switched from TA to regular. My new unit has already changed my number on the paperwork even though I've had it for four years.

    They've changed the end digit to the number of a girl who joined when I did. However, I don't know if she's left at all and my new unit don't seem bothered. I don't want an admin fcuk up and does anyone know why they would want to change it anyway?

    Any info gratefully received!

    cheers :)


    edited for spelling!
  6. Nope they are wrong in doing it your No stays with you until you get a comission I've still got my No from when I joined the regs in 91 it could casue an admin fcuk up all becasue you have lazy admin staff

  7. anybody else think this was going to be a whole different question 8O 8O 8O
  8. Maybe the clerk just typed it in incorrectly. Who exactly changed your number?
  9. Hi A-JEM,

    A female friend of mine joined the regulars after serving with the TA for about 6 years. She retained her old number, which started W09xxxx. By the time she transferred, her number was lower than a lot of the female instructors, who had reached W10xxxx :D

    So, yes, you do retain your number.

    Best Regards,

  10. :D aye...so what doeshappen when Cpl Mark becomes Cpl Maureen?
  11. He gets his willy chopped off.... :lol:
  12. he should become mr maureen SNLR
  13. I've had 2! But that was cheating as one was soldier and one orifice
  14. Just to slightly go away from the thread what do regular officer cadets get? Do they get 8numbered and then 6 numbered or start on a 6 numbered one?
  15. You get a 6 fig at RMAS as far as I know.