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Daft Camo Patterns II - The Return. US Navy Camouflage


Kit Reviewer
Chatting about the useless UCP on another thread, I naturally mentioned the pointless USAF Tigerstripe, a camouflage that was clearly thought up after one two many post prandial sherries by some USAF General with way too much time on his hands. JumpingJarhead trumped it with the US Navy Camouflage which only exists to make Search and Rescue that much harder when Seaman Stains falls off his Aircraft Carrier. He can get round this of course by wearing a luminous yellow set of arm bands, this does however make it rather pointless wearing the Camouflage in the first place. Can anybody else come up with some catastrophically bad Camouflage designs.
Tamil Tigers leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran, who is now dead with most of comrades, for crimes against fashion.


I'm Spartacus, and so is my wife.
Lybian issue, flag officers only

Royal Thai Navy marine special forces. With this camouflage they're able to get up the beach right under the enemy's noses by disguising themselves as a harmless gay pride march.

Indian Marines of the "Trojan Elephant" company. There are half a dozen Indian squaddies in there. Note the "Curry House Apocalypse" camouflage scheme for the, err, armoured vehicle.


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