Daft arse questions Help?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by clark9t, Jan 6, 2010.

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  1. Right im thinking about becoming a sapper. bricklayer will be the trade I pick unless anybody thinks its pointless and much better in the long run to become a plumber or sparky?

    Anybody recently in the army like 1-4 years and have any comments job-wise about what your likely to do each day? some people have said that you barely lay bricks which is obv w**k if you want to carry it on in civvi street.

    Right now for a daft Q. When do you meet up with your unit after phase 2 or 3?

    And another.. When you have met up with your unit will you be with them for all exercises, operations and stuff?(willing to take some grief for this one). and how many people will there be in it?

    Finally on the careers website it say you get an intermediate level in trowel occupations, i already have a level 2 diploma in trowel occ which is basically the same. will i have to go through the full 30 weeks? I would imagine I will have to definatley have to complete some as there will be army equipment to work with.

    Any help will be gladly taken.


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    And all the best with your application ? :D
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  6. Thank **** you have no ambitions to join up as an Education Officer and teach English! I hope your pointing skills are better than your grammar and spelling! And a level 2 diploma in using a trowel to boot, ******* Taliban will be shitting themselves if they read this.

    ‘Watch out brothers, there’s an infidel British dog of a soldier leading the charge with a trowel and he’s got a level 2 diploma, shit yourself and run away’. Knobber!
  7. I've been out too long to much help with your other questions but can answer this one for you. First of all, you are 'posted' to a unit, you don't 'meet up with them'. Although the RE is organised into Regiments (500+ blokes), people's primary loyalty is to their Squadron (100+ blokes), of which there are usually 4 or 5 per Regiment. Within your Squadron, you will be a member of a Troop (around 30 blokes) and these are the people that you will live and work with the majority of the time. Although you may well be attached to other units for exercises and spend some time away on courses, the majority of the stuff you'll do as a Sapper will be with your own Squadron. The nature of the work the RE does means that you will work closely with other units on ops and exercise, usually as a Section or Troop, but these attachments will be relatively short-term and you will remain a member of your own unit. You could find yourself doing almost anything, from helping to maintain a large camp in relative safety to being right on the front line.

    To other posters: why exactly is this bloke a kn0bber? I take it you all joined up knowing everything there is know? :roll:
  8. So the whole point of the British Army is to engage the Taliban in battle is it? No need for tradesmen to carry out the support work in the finest traditions of the Corps?

    He asked a sensible question that didn't require him [as a bricklayer] to be well versed in grammer/spelling.

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  10. Now I really have heard everything - an RAF Policeman giving Sappers grief for being REMFy...
  11. I was unaware of the esteemed 'gentlemans' profession in which case it might be likely that 'cockswithguns' post should have read:

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  13. in "the sewers" in the 80's eh wedge :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
  14. Unfortunately mate, I was still a small - but rather sexy - cub scout in the 80s! Didn't join 'til the earlyish 90s when The Viscount was the flavour of the month. :wink:
  15. Cheers wedge man ive got a much better idea now, just cant seem to find all the things that seem pretty obvious, as for that pigs trotter he can keep his sh*te to himself :D

    As if he even tried to give me grief, sorry I went to college and got myself some qualifications should have just signed on the dole and heckled old people? im 19 by the way just incase your thinking Im some sort of experienced (cocky) bricky.