Daedalus Mess, Cranwell - a typical RAF Officers Mess?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Humpy, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. Having just spent a few nights in the Daedalus Officers' Mess, Cranwell, I made the following observations:

    1. There was a pool table, juke box and TV in the mess bar. This causes confusion as there is also a billiards room in the mess. How does an officer reserve his place for the pool table? Is it done on an integrity queuing system (I believe it is un-officer like to form a queue of 20p pieces after all the mess should be a cash free environment)? Should he (or she) do so by mess chit? This wasn't even clarified in the mess rules. I therefore put a suggestion in mess comments box to clarify the issue at the next mess meeting.

    2. Apparently shirts and ties do not exist in the junior service. Sporting tops with a collar/trainers appear to be perfectly legitmate forms of dress to dinner in the evening.

    3. There is a fixation with wearing green coveralls/flying costumes at all times. I'm sure that when I went through RMAS, I didn't wear my coveralls to the bar/dinner in the evening (less week one, and even then with a shirt and tie underneath).

    This is a Mess open to the Joint and International officer community and therfore you would think that a little panache and more standards would be enfoced by the Mess Committee/RAF Cranwell? Is this typical of all RAF Officers' Messes? Comment?
  2. It isn't called 'Dead Loss House' for nothing y'know!
  3. Standards have definitely lapsed over the last few years. I was at Cranners for a reunion in July, so sad, it was like an airfield waiting for an Airforce to happen. No-one in uniform bar the rather fetching young lady acting as escort for the 'Veterans'

    Even the Guard Force were some semi Military type of home Guard outfit.

    Servicings all done by Civvies too....sad, so sad :cry:
  4. Honington is not much better. The rock-ape contingent even get a sh1tty on with the RTR for insiting on wearing suits to dinner every night.

    There is a black tie night on the first Tuesday of the month, however normal service runs concurrently, so 90% of the light blue are sat in jeans and polos just the other side of a partition wall from those in black tie. This was deemed too costly as it required double staffing. CO 1RTR suggested that on these nights if you want to eat in the mess you put on black tie, else you get scoff from Tescos. The uproar in the mess meeting that this caused was monumental, and voted against, as "it's too hard at the end of a working day to don black tie". To prove them wrong a merry band of RTR troop leaders attended the BBQ that night in DJ, trews, and dickie bow. Cnuts.

    edited for monging it
  5. I can't see a problem with it myself! :roll: After all we're all told to treat the mess as if it's our home, now I for one don't sit down to dinner every night wearing a chuffing suit when I'm in my house as I prefer to wear something more comfortable! :roll: So get off the backs of our light blue brethren and get a fcuking life, though I do draw a line at wearing a 'Growbag' to dinner! :D
  6. Deadloss Mess is a solution to a problem - lots of accommodation needed when they clashed all the training back into Cranwell. It is shameful that we let the baby aircrew dictate and generally drag down the standards that were maintained before it was built. It isn't representative of the rest of the RAF that I've been near in the last few years. There is a vast gulf between comfortable but smart and suits for dinner every night - unfortunately most of the RAF want to inhabit the scruffy end and they are mostly aircrew. They are a group who train and work with their peers and don't have a thought for setting standards to anyone.

    Funnily enough, my last Mess had a bigger problem from Army officers who knew better kicking the backside out of the mess regs.
  7. Christ on a bike. All that time with the crabs must have turned your brain into swiss cheese!!

    1. Crabs dont really 'do' Mess meetings. They just follow the ethos of a shabby working mans club.

    2. To them, thats dressing up. Its a fire hazard being surrounded by a load of crabs. All those man made fibres rubbing together would make Dresden look like an indoor fireworks display.

    3. Nowt wrong with wearing flying coveralls in the Mess. If it gets up the noses of the groundspikes, I'm all for it :D

    Remember, the RAF is merely the slightly aggressive wing of EasyJet so you cant expect any standards that would be recognised by a military organisation. :wink:
  8. Remember - Fleshy was beaten up so many times by the ATC when he was a kid, he couldn't hack the big game so joined the AAC. He just never got over the weedy kids giving him a wedgie.
  9. Fuck off groundspike. Not got any paper clips to rearrange? :p
  10. I'm all for shorts and t-shirt at home, however an Officers' Mess is one of the most exclusive bastions of British society and should be treated as such.
  11. So is Broadmoor.
  12. Ah, Daedalus...

    Regardless of the occupants... it was a mess where I was able to:

    Set of a firework rocket in a port decanter which fragged the female South African LO.
    Destroy numerous polystyrene tiles in the 'bar' using Charlie Brown's laser guided mess cannon (regrettably an expensive night).
    Make numerous prank announcements on the mess tannoy.
    Invent numerous orders of dress (Garrison Riding Order) without any fear of challenge.
    Wear a sidehat and a peaked cap with a flying suit.
    Etc... etc...

    Great place - there to be exploited but not honoured or taken seriously. It feels like the halls of residence of a rather arriviste university.
  13. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Both full of badly dressed nutters
  14. It is somewhere between the two - it is home for those who live there and nowhere else - but they must remember they are only looking after it for the next generation giving due deference to the building and what it means. I'm all for a balanced approach and Deadloss misses it by a mile.

  15. Coincidently, that's why Cranwell is called Grantham Polytechnic. :wink: