dads old medals

my old man ,sold his medals a few years ago anyone know a good site to trace the where abouts and possibly buy back thanks all
To be honest with you, i doubt very much you will be able to track down the originals, you could get replacements though.

If you know what they were, there are loads of sites that do replica medals.

Just google "replica medals", its that easy.
Try and google them - you may be lucky. The only other way is to back track through the original puchaser to the current owner.

How much do you know about the sale of the medals.? PM me for further advice.
The Orders and Medals Research Society has a "lost" section as does "Medal News" but only if there is a named medal....what is he entitled to..
Blown from cannon eh!?, must be where they invented "Puffed Wheat" then, that used to say on the packet, "Blown from Guns", a bit Non P.C these days I,ll warrant.


JPALegend said:
dante242 said:
what is he entitled to..
Gran gave away my Grandads, can I get my Grandads service records or is it my gran only?
You can do it if you have a letter from your Gran authorising you to claim the medals or details of his service records. I've just done this for my Grandfather's service records etc.

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