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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tiny_lewis, Apr 8, 2012.

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  1. Its in German, but needs no translation because words are not necessary. The gist of the dialogue is simply the young woman asking her dad if he likes the new iPad the family bought him...

    So dad, how do you like the iPad we got you?
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  2. Aye,that's me,total technophobe.
  3. I'd do the daughter, dirty little tart aus der Fatherland!!!
  4. I didn't know Apple made kitchen appliances!
  5. More use as a chopping board.
  6. They're great for showing off my work to potential customers, or previewing shots fresh from the camera. I'm just grateful that the idiotic consumerism of millions of nuggets with more money than sense who want the latest shiny thing, made it viable for Apple to produce something that's of real utility to photographers and designers. If it was only us buying them, they'd cost about three grand a throw.
  7. I really like mine for all sorts of things. It's really good to play with the internet when travelling without the burden of a whole laptop in your bag. But we also have to work from plots at work and an ipad where I can scroll around the plot, zoom in, zoom out, etc is a lot better than carrying a piece of A0 paper all over the shop.

    I think it's a good travellers tool in general though, not just a photographers tool.
  8. fu2

    fu2 LE

    I think the Ipad is crap along with the Iphone. The Samsung phone and pad are superior but people think because it came from Steve jobs it must be the dogs bollocks.
  9. I've got 2 HP Touchpads. They run WebOS which is a pretty good OS. They bought Palm for $1.2Bn just to get the rights.

    HP brought the Touchpads out last year but got greedy and tried to sell for the same price as iPad2 rather than come in lower than Apple and make profits on the subsequent App sales. So the Touchpad bombed and HP were forced to firesale prices from £480 down to £140 each.

    Cracking value at that price. Only issue is so few Apps are available. WebOS has now been made open source so all it needs is a developer community and the number of available apps should pick up. There is also a cyagen Android mod available

    Absolute waste of money paying Apple prices
  10. I wanted one of them, for much the same reason as I have a Dell Axmin and Compaq iPaq. ...
  11. I had an Axim x50v. Nice gadget at the time
  12. I still have one. Haven't touched it since I got an iPhone
  13. Got the 51v - still makes for a useful little tool; decent screen res, 625MHz CPU, wifi, bluetooth, ebook reader, netstumbler, Office, and a custom nmap build.
  14. Got my 32Gb Touchpad for £109. Cracking device, and like Pigshyte, I shpw my photographs on it (when the sprog and sprogette havn't snaffled it)

    I wouldn't pay the full price, and think Apple are on a winning - read financial gain - streak.