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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vespa, Mar 25, 2004.

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  1. i was making a jokey comments earlier about Dads Army in the light of the terrorist threats and troop shortages for oversea duties.

    now i got to thinking, Would it viable to set up another Home Guard units to defend vital military and civilian properties while releasing Regular/TA men to oversea commitments.
  2. What, reform TA Group C and the Home Service Force? Or just militarise the MPGS?
  3. I was told that UOTCs were TA group C. Although I doubt we'd be much use apart from bod jobs.

    <standing by for abuse for even mentioning OTCs>
  4. Nope, TA Group B (along with ACF officers)
  5. Seriously though, why not have the OTCs as a Home Guard? (I'm slapping myself now!)
    Granted, I think recruiting for the OTCs might fall, but I don't think by much...
  6. Umm, ask a silly question but what would we do?? Start patrolling local town/city centres as soon as a terrorism warning came out?? Some of the guys we've got would actually be more dangerous than the terrorists :lol: 8O

    Suggestions though?
  7. Dads Army had some experience in it.....

    OTCs would suddenley be inundated with " I have a lecture on pottery" chits....
  8. In all honesty, I don't believe this is the worst idea I've ever heard.

    In the modern age it appears that people's sense of community is ever-diminishing and that the concept of citizenship is rapidly disappearing. By utilising ordinary people to carry out a worthwhile role it would release TA etc from the Civil Contingency Reaction Force (CCRF) and allow them to focus on their primary role. It would enhance the public's view that our stance towards the increasing threat of terrorism is more resolute and, by involving the wider public, would improve community identity and give an interesting extra-dimension to civvies' lives.

    It would also give the TA, or "Army Reserve" as I understand they are soon to be known, a break as we could take the piss out of the Home (National?) Guard instead, as they would clearly be far more chippy.
  9. I think this has legs. The HSF wasnt a bad idea but looked a little silly in the face of overwhelming nuclear attack. As I recall though it was presented as being something older terriers 'retired' to. If the framework were set up properly people could move between them as their circumstances changed (though most likely the overal trend would be TA to HSF under career and family pressure). Something along the lines of a plain clothes Special Constable (I'm thinking unarmed watchers before anyone asks) might be more appropriate for town centres/train marshalls.

    I still think CCRF is no substitute for a proper Civil Defence organisation though.
  10. Bollocks, they were mostly ex regs (of all services). Great laugh tho : Told enemys wearing red flashes and so an ex reg Pte (22 Years service) then decks a brigadier.
    Excellent bunch guys bring em back

    HSF = Hitlers Special Forces
  11. i think its a shitty idea when i was a stab (now reg ) i joined up thinking it was a evolved home guard wanted to protect my country but wasnt looking at getting a quick ride into iraq to stag on (unless i volunteered), if a home guard is set up how many TA will transfer to it if it happened when i was in i would have not wanting to disrupt my education.
  12. There are a lot of people Regular and TA who did not want to go to Iraq. I was approached on Op Telic 1 by a regular gripeing that "I didn't join the army to go to war" - Is the clue not in the name?

    Army = "Organised force for fighting on land" (Oxford English Dictionary)

    Remember there are a lot of TA who have mobilised all over the world on tours with out gripeing and are still in. There are bad apples in every camp and no amount of planning will stop them taking the easy option!
    This may work, bags me being LCpll Jones! :twisted:
  13. :D I stand corrected.

    Decking a brigadier? Must have been a lifetime ambition.
  14. I was pinged to be a liaison officer when an HSF platoon joined a pretty big exercise back in the 80s. 'Liaison? Nursemaid more like,' thinks I.

    How wrong could a wart get! :oops:

    It took less than an hour to work out that it didn't matter that these guys couldn't run as fast as the whippets I'd just come from; they had fifteen ot sixteen different trades and over 600 years of service experience between them. And at least nine of them were poachers so we ate like kings.

    Best bit was being taught HSF BATCO


    Had the bunting tossers queuing up for ant-depressants over that one. Funny as fcuk.
  15. They could be called the Blair Youth.