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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Tom9748, Aug 31, 2009.

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  1. MTDs been cut right back,C1 training (of course you should turn up for training!,oh no no no we couldnt possibly pay you!).Now TA is no longer to use live rounds.We are all doomed!!!!!
    Who do you think you are kidding da da da da 8O
  2. "Don't tell him your name Pike!" :wink:
  3. Raiding the Royal Armouries in Leeds for pikes, muskets, swords and all sorts of weaponry.....

    I get this feeling of Deja vu.... I'm sure a similar thing happened back in the '70s under Callaghan and Denis Healey....... The only thing that hasn't happened yet is 'Cap in Hand going to the IMF for bail-out loans.....!'
  4. ....

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  5. Yes, aren't we bailing them out with 11 billion squid of 'quantitative easing'? But neither Callaghan nor Healey were as pathetic or as ugly as Broon and his Darling.
  6. Ideas for the future of the TA....Close the TA centres, get rid of pay and travel expenses. Instead you get to join for patriotism, issued a kit list which you purchase yourself at a surplus store, meet once a week at the local church hall/community centre to do a bit of drill. Once a year you get to go on a camp, issued a rifle and five rounds to practise think I`m joking, give it time....... :roll:
  7. Been there already ...
  8. ah cmon chap.....DON'T PANIC!
  9. No live rounds? Since when?
  10. "Stupid boy!" :D
  11. msr

    msr LE

  12. Next thing will be an initial issue of ammo for operational tours and after you have expended any, you will have to see the QM with visa card at the ready to buy more. God help the man with the Javelin!!!
  13. After he's thrown it he'll have to run over and get it back so he can re use it thus saving on expense :twisted:
  14. Fcuking disgraceful! You're a cnut Brown, a useless soppy cnut! The sooner you and your useless party of g*bsh1tes f*ck off the better. Th1s country is a fcuking joke, enough is enough! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  15. So, is Bisley cancelled this year then?