Daddys Girl

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by DrStealth, Oct 15, 2006.

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    Never mind the fact that they were already married to their spouses at the time.
    funny how she only played the 'victim card' after the sordid little secret got out, after years of shagging her beloved dad.
    two sick creepy fucks who deserve each other. 8O
  2. [​IMG]

    Mind you I'd do his daughter!!!
  3. How sweet.
  4. This the normal thing for Westminster Abbey to be doing :?
  5. And Id do his wife!
  6. They'd fit in well in Norfolk.
  7. Bizarre.
  8. Very very bizzare, however i have to admit, i found a picture of my now 70 yr old father back when he was about 28 and in his rather nice uniform the other day and i have to admit he looks rather tasty. Im now having visions of him in a different light. Can anyone help me please? i think i need to go see a doctor.

    la la laaaaaaaa block out the visions la la laaaaaaaaa
  9. What exactly did they do wrong again?
  10. You couldn't make this up
  11. Insult a British Instertution
  12. Incest is a British institution? You Mr Line are wrong.
  13. Was on about Westminster Abbey

    Hey for seveal mil I would let my daddy fire it up my ricker, wouldn't even expect a reach around! I would gobble him off and ask for more if it got me a Breitling watch.

    My kids will pleasuer me just to know daddy is happy!
  14. Son? Is that you ?
  15. Disgusting pair.

    Its not even as if she was shagging him for the money, as she could get it anyway when he popped off!

    Fuck knows!